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We had another relaxing weekend that was much needed after our busy week. Hopefully this next weekend will be the same since this week is another crazy one. But it would be impossible for us to have three relaxing weekends in a row, so I won’t get my hopes up!

Friday I made Butter Brickle Cookies (recipe to follow) and we went out the The Raz for dinner. Dave had the nice idea of inviting my parents to join us, so the five of us had a nice dinner. After dinner we had a couple of friends over for some good old games.

Saturday we made chicken wraps for lunch, (our recipe below) and David’s Aunt Carol, Uncle Bob & Aunt Pat came over as Pat and Bob live out of town and hadn’t seen our new house yet. We visited in the living room and before we knew it, it was Adelynn’s naptime. That evening we went to dinner with friends and then to Metro for some 5 Man Trio and of course, drinks and cheesecake.

Sunday was a celebration of life, love, friendship, joy, salvation, and summer. We found our friends Harley and Erika at church. We had no idea they were in town so it was a nice surprise. In the evening we ate Jimmy John’s with them and went swimming at Aunt Carol’s pool. We put Adelynn to bed and they came over to watch Just Go With It. Personally I think this movie is funnier than the average person. I think it is because Nick Swardson is my all-time favorite and everything word out of his mouth is hilarious. Especially when he has super think, round, black rimmed glasses and a German accent. In the movie he gives a sheep mouth to mouth and calls it “Shee-P-R”. I don’t think there is anything funnier than that line!

Sunday morning we had an amazing service at church. The youth all went to the Mennonite Youth Convention in Pittsburgh and had many stories to tell. There were stories of salvation, the changes the youth were making in their lives, walls were broken down and relationships were formed. It was visible how deeply the trip and the Holy Spirit impacted them all.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in that sanctuary. It was a little ironic that we were all so moved and at the same time the stage was full of Pandamania (VBS) paraphernalia. Stuffed pandas, bamboo huts, complete with crying teenagers. 🙂 I left that service with a little bit softer heart. I remember the impact those youth trips had in my life. There is nothing like growing so close to other teens and adults while strengthening your relationship with Christ. My Mennonite Youth Convention was in Charlotte, NC. We heard amazing speakers including the late Mike Yacconelli and former President Jimmy Carter. My heart softened a little on Sunday because I those strong feelings all came flooding back. I know what those kids feel like right now (look at me being all old and calling people 10-6 years younger than me “kids”). The song “Jesus Messiah” by Chris Tomlin (My favorite – next to my dad of course, who leads this song at church) was played after that and there couldn’t have been a more fitting song.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Cassi’s Chicken Wraps:

There are no real instructions, just ingredients:
Cooked Chicken (we use the Tyson pre-cooked stuff so it is too simple of a recipe)
BBQ sauce
Lime Juice

Butter Brickle Cookies

• 1 stick butter, softened

• 1 yellow cake mix

• 2 eggs

• 1 Tbs. water

• 1 package Heath chips

(nuts optional)

Beat the butter until creamy. Add in the cake mix, eggs, water and beat until blended. Stir in the Heath chips. Drop by tablespoons onto ungreased baking sheets or baking stone. Bake at 350

degrees for 8-10 minutes. The top of the cookie will still look moist when you take it from the oven.

Makes about 4 dozen cookies.

The picture shown is of someone else’s who turned out pretty. Mine tasted awesome but they turned out flat and we had to bake them the full 10 mins. I will never make them for any special events but I will make the gooey blobs for my own at home enjoyment!


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  1. Rita Eldridge

    Oh, Sweetie, I’m loving this blog! Already when you were young, Dad and I could tell that you were a writer, and I’m so thankful you are using that gift in this way. I love the way you share your faith through it. I agree that the Sunday service was amazing. It’s so exciting to see and hear the youth boldly sharing their testimonies. Maybe Adelynn will be sharing hers in a few years. You and Dave are great Christian parents who will encourage her in the ways of the Lord.

  2. that sounds like a wonderful service! glad you had such a fun and busy weekend!!
    I thought Just Go With It was the funniest movie I had seen in a loooong time! I was rolling through the whole thing!!

  3. I was just thinking that I wished there was a place to leave comments as I have been reading since you started and, here it is on the side! I love that this blog shares stories of all sorts – it makes me remember that there is a lot going on in everyone’s lives and how important each and every day can be.


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