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My mom gave me my own diary in the 1st grade. It was a lovely purple book with kittens on it, complete with lock and key. I felt the need to lock it every night and hide the key from my parents and my brother, age two. Every night I would describe my day and which boy I liked that week; never anything deep, because I was six.

The nice thing about having a diary is that there are no rules.  My writing was never on the lines, and that was okay. And when you’re sharing your writing with other people… there’s copy and paste to organize your thoughts 🙂

Through grade school and high school I continued to enjoy keeping journals. I also had a Xanga account. Remember that? …anyone? Anyway, it was no longer necessary to me to have an actual diary with kittens and a lock and key. So aside from Xanga, I filled regular notebooks. Full notebook after full notebook. My entries were on the lines and they varied in length. The thoughts grew deeper and writing every day became essential to my emotional well-being.

When I started high school, I started Journalism class and enjoyed that all throughout high school. That gave me both Newspaper and Yearbook experience. I was the editor my senior year and really enjoyed that responsibility. As I ended high school I tapered out on writing every day and I eventually started writing when I was upset and needed a place to vent for myself.

When I found out we were expecting Adelynn, I started writing a journal again. I was writing for this baby I did not know and it made my passion come alive again. I loved writing to her and telling her every little thing she did and the way she made Dave and me feel. I have continued writing this journal to her and will continue to do so for as long as I can. My intention is to one day give her the journals I have written for her. This will be when she is old enough to appreciate them, possibly when she comes to expect a child of her own… what a crazy thought!

Lots of my friends have blogs, I love reading them, I love writing on my own accord, and I am so glad I have started my own! I get random ideas all throughout the day of things I want to write about on this blog. But then I have to edit them until I am satisfied (all my years of writing for good grades I suppose). Then I am able to publish each one. I prayed about starting this blog, and I believe it is the right thing. I am very excited to be writing again!



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  1. your blog is certainly a blessing to me! Your journal is an amazing thing, and I can just see Adelynn, as an adult, big baby belly, tears in her eyes as she reads the words of her mother, when mama was in exactly the same phase in life that she is. Taking comfort that mom had the same questions and insecurities about having a baby, and laughing at the joy and pregnancy milestones she reads about, that she is experiencing at the same time. That will be so priceless and something she is sure to treasure forever!!

    • Kate – I had thought a little about the future of keeping those journals for Adelynn, but not to that extent. That really touched me – really really touched me – that you put it in those words. I hope someday she has the joy of being a mom, as there is none greater (outside of Jesus).

  2. You want some kicks and giggles in your life? Visit my blog for today’s photos and go to the website because, yes folks, it does still exist!!

  3. and I enjoy reading it! Love ya!!!


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