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Here is your Sunday special: (These are all true occurrences from my life)

You know you’re a Mom when…

  1. You crawl into bed and get animal cracker crumbs stuck between your toes.
  2. You’ve called it a “bottom” for so long that the word “butt” sounds like a curse word.
  3. You only eat half the food on your plate because someone thinks your food – which is the same is theirs – is somehow better.
  4. The sweetest sound to your ears is the monitor after a nap that projects a quiet humming followed by a pleasant “Mama!”
  5. Your feet are full of crumbs and sticking to the kitchen floor … and you don’t care.
  6. Your husband asks how your day was and you immediately tell him all that your child did.
  7. You can sleep through thunderstorms complete with hail, but your child’s cough wakes you in a second.
  8. You can truthfully say that you read 12 books in an hour. (This was my Monday morning)
  9. You find yourself speaking in five word sentences “Would you like some lunch?” “We do not eat rocks”  “Can Mommy have a kiss?”
  10. You are able to catch spewing liquid with your bare hands. (This was my Saturday)
  11. You can tell by the pitch of the far-off cry if it is pain, or only hurt ego.
  12. Spit is your #1 cleaning agent.
  13. You ask your husband if he is ready to go “night night”.
  14. You drink out of your kid’s sippy cup because it is the only thing in the car and you’re parched.
  15. You complain to your husband that you have a hard job and that you are tired. But you both know that you would never trade it for anything else.
Hope you all have a great week! (and I hope mine does not involve catching anymore moving liquid!)

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  1. Rita Eldridge

    Oh, you crack me up! You have a way of putting into words what all parents have experienced. Number 4 is my favorite. Knowing naptime is over and hearing a sweet “Mama” makes it all worthwhile. You forget about catching liquid with your bare hands. And number 15 — yes, it is a hard job, but the best in the world. And you are so good at it!

  2. Carol Mosier

    Oh sweetie these are so funny and so true! I love them. Number 13 really cracked me up. I’m still chuckling. I agree with your Mom. You have a way of putting into words so many things. What a wonderful mother you are! Love You!

  3. I love this! I have definitely done the sippy cup thing already, I laughed a lot at #2, #7 is beautifully and painfully true, b/c of #6 Ben is in need of adult conversation :), and I love #15. Great post!

  4. This series is seriously hysterical!! I live that life!


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