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I know I said I would be back in the loop this coming week, but again bear with me. I am really not feeling well this weekend, and Adelynn is back to her old self! Don’t get me wrong, that is great, I just don’t have my usual amount of energy. So hopefully the coming week wont be too taxing. I have more ways you know you’re a mom coming for you since it is Sunday! Here was my last week,and a thing or two from weeks prior:

You know you’re a Mom when…

1. You judge the quality of a restaurant by how kid-friendly they are.

2. Your child has more clothes than you do and you’re proud of that fact

3. Every one of your sentences is filled with repetition. “That’s hot honey, hot.” “Adelynn, do you want more ? More?” “Yucky, Adelynn that is yucky.”

4. You can be handed a child, even one that is not your own, and instantly know if they have a dirty diaper

5. You can no longer watch the evening news

6. You completely melt when your child stops playing just to come give you a random, wet, sweet, kiss

7. It is okay to let your child take all the DVDs off the shelf because it buys you 5 minutes

8. You have crawled all over the nursery at 4am searching for the pacifier like your life depended on it

9. You are able to get yourself, your husband, and your child all dressed and ready in 15 minutes flat.

10. Your fears of giant bugs have vanished, because there are much worse things out there. Besides, no way will you let a nasty creepy crawly thing near your precious kiddo.

11. You wait until nap time to eat the cookie you are craving so you don’t have to share

12. While our with your friends, attempting to have adult conversation, your child at home is the only thing on your mind

13. You instantly become McGyver and fashion a makeshift diaper out of paper towels and a rubber band. (That one I really haven’t done, but I have seen it done and believe I could if necessary!)

14. You find a two foot tall appendage with a hairbow clinging to your leg

15. You finally understand your parents love for you on a whole new level


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  1. 11 made me LOL! This whole list is fantastic!!!!!!!! I LOVE it.


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