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You Know You’re A Mom When…

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Here’s Sunday’s list of the week’s ways I knew I was a Mom…

1. You are having company so you try to put together a list of snack foods you can make. When you go to your pantry for ideas you realize you can serve the menu of animal crackers, fig newtons and teddy grahams

2. You realize that if you are not careful, you and your husband may become one of those freaky old couples who call each other “mommy” and “daddy”

3. You have been to Hawaiian ocean, but you have more fun in the backyard pool with your little one

4. You speak in “we” when it’s obvious you are only talking to your child. “Adelynn we are going to go lay down.”, “We are going to have a diaper change.”, “No, we don’t play in the trash can.”

5. You walk around with snot on your shoulders because your one year old thinks having her nose wiped means the world is ending.

6. You find a brown spot on the wall, know it is poop, don’t have a clue how it got there, nor any desire to know, but you clean it without being terribly grossed out. (This spot seriously baffled me)

7. You let your child do it, even though it takes twice as long.

8. Your bank statements are no longer from fancy restaurants, movie theatres and nice clothing boutiques. Now they are from places like Target, The Children’s Place and Baby Gap.

9. Your definition of “Getting ready for the day” has changed drastically over the years

10. You know better than to shut the bathroom door when you go

11. You sit in front of your closet for an hour so your child can try on your shoes and put them on your feet also.

12. Growing your hair out is easy because finding the time for a hair cut AND securing childcare means the stars must align.

13. Your To-Do list has 37 items on it.  When faced with free time, the thought of getting all of it done is too much work so you decide to take a nap.

14. (In my case) Your child calls you “Daddy” even though she knows your name, and you don’t correct her.

15. When you look at that little gift of God and nothing else seems as important anymore.

Happy Sunday!!


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  1. I love #13! I do that all the time 🙂 I figure after I add more kids the chances of me getting a nap will decrease. Love the background too btw, I almost used that one 🙂

  2. Absolutely loving these Sunday lists!!!!

  3. Happy Sunday!

  4. Ohhhhhhh Cass I remember when we were still in HS and #10 was a huge thing b/c of course, NONE of us NEVER not shut the bathroom door. EVER. Remember Steph’s bd party and we even had an inside joke about it? XD Totally come full circle. 😀


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