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Sunday’s You Know You’re A Mom When…

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We had a really nice weekend. We kept busy, but relaxed a good amount and accomplished a lot. Today we went to church, made lunch, cleaned the house and spent the evening at a company picnic for Dave’s company. He works with a great bunch of people and we are so blessed for that!! We ate a lot of good food, had good conversation, played on the playground equipment (I hadn’t been on a merry-go-round in years!) and Adelynn got to have her first experience in a bounce house! Did I remember the camera? Nope. But we had a really great time.

Here are some ways I knew I was a Mom this week…

1. You cut all of the food up into little bites… including your own.

2. You clean a toy path so you don’t step on anything pokey in the middle of the night

3. You have had meals where ketchup was the vegetable (are tomatoes even a vegetable? Oh well.)

4. You say things like: “Dave, did you drink your root beer all gone?”

5. You have had experience using a strainer (dedicated to the bathroom) to scoop out the bathtub floaties. Ew.

6. You try to use your car beeper to let yourself in the house… and hey, did I take a shower today?

7. You have another name for a pacifier and you always call it that and never “pacifier”. It is “plug” at our house. What do you call yours?

8. You can find the “other sock” in the middle of the full laundry basket in 3 seconds flat.

9. You find a wet spot on your child and you’re unafraid to sniff it to see what it is.

10. You’re so busy trying to leave the house; when you reach your destination, you find a diaper in your purse. When you get home, you find your phone in the trash can.

11. It takes you 30 minutes to unload the dishwasher. Because you have to chase down the clean dishes that were stolen, put the Tupperware back in the drawers they were in, give a few “magic carpet” rides, and read several books right there on the kitchen floor.

12. You share a popsicle with your daughter and when she realizes the part she bit off was too big and cold and she puts it back in the plastic, you eat it so she won’t have to.

13. Making complete sentences is a thing of the past. Remember when you could start a sentence and actually – Adelynn, we are not going to have Goldfish for breakfast.

14. When someone reacts positively to your child and it makes your day. (The other day at the park, Adelynn waved goodbye to a complete stranger and blew him a kiss. He blew one back to her and said “That just made my day!”)

15. You have a list of goals for the day a mile long, you don’t accomplish one and you’re still happy because you get to spend great time with your daughter all day.

Feel free to share your Mommy-isms with me anytime!

Have a great week!!


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  1. I look forward to reading these on Sunday! I can relate to so many, and I always find myself either smiling or literally laughing out loud :o) thank you for sharing these

  2. I think number 5 should read something more about: you have experience talking said Uncles into using the spagetti strainer… 😉 Dan told me this story at 12:30am!

    • Lol. Hey now! Dave and I were giving each other reasons why the other person should do it and while doing so, he grabbed it right out of Dave’s hand and took off! We looked at each other and shared a look that said “Dan can’t clean up our kid’s poop!” So we both ran down the hall just in time to witness the first strainer-full making its way into the toilet. He did a good job though 🙂 And also, when your time comes, you can use the excuse that he should clean it because he has the experience 😉

      Did Olivia’s bow match okay?

      • Check out the pic I just put on the blog of Olivia’s bow! I think it matched okay–the green was maybe a little dark, but we got compliments on it. And I like it. 🙂 I laugh very hard at Dan’s attempts to use the diaper sprayer on the poopy diapers (which maybe accounts for 4 times), so this was good practice for him. 😉

  3. Haha!!! These are great Cassi! They actually give me a great idea of what your week is like as a stay at home mom 🙂

  4. These posts are a blast! I’m glad we get to look in on your life a bit. We need to have a meal together sometime!

  5. These are so cute and clever! Love it! I should have you make a top 25 conglomoration (how the heck do you spell conglomoration?) from these Sunday posts and come guest post on my blog sometime. 🙂 Oh, and at our house it’s called “The Bink”.

    • “The Bink”. I like that! It sounds more exciting than what it actually is 🙂

      I would be so honored to guest post on your blog, Tonya!! The one day that you posted my blog on your Facebook I had 97 views that day, by far the most I have ever ever had!

      Also, if you use Chrome as your internet browser, it has a spell check built in! That’s how I can spell things late at night with Mommy-brain!

      • Put something together and email it to me. Introduce yourself, your blog and then do your top 25 reasons you know you’re a mommy or something. I am thinking Sept. 10th. I will be decorating for a wedding that I am both coordinator and photographer for (YIKES!) and will be relieved to not have to blog yet too. How does that sound? THEN, if you so choose, that day on YOUR blog, you can write a mini note sending them to see you on my blog. Everyone wins! 🙂 Did that make any sense at all?

      • Email a picture or two you want posted that day please! 🙂

      • Tonya, I adore you. I will work on it very soon so you can have it for the 10th!! THANKS!

  6. I love your sunday posts! too fun!


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