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We had another nice week. We went to the zoo with friends, the Oodleplex with different friends and went to Cherry Berry -twice- with family. The house didn’t get cleaned, I didn’t get my errands done and both were okay. That is what the weekend was for! We had a quick experience at Yoder Days yesterday and just plan to relax and catch up today.
So glad to hear all our friends and family out East are doing well! Everyone is in our continued prayers. Here’s how I knew I was  a Mom this week!
1. You are doing dishes and your child is reading a book, you aren’t surprised when the only logical place in the whole house for her to plant herself is right under your feet.
2. You let your kid eat a messy sandwich or sticky sucker while sitting on your lap, and you don’t mind at all.

3. You buy something for yourself and you automatically think about how much food or clothing it could buy for your family.

4. You eat real meals now since you can no longer eat popcorn for dinner three nights in a row.

5. You think you have successfully stocked your purse with all the essentials to get you through a grocery shopping trip… and you still have to leave the store early

6. You gave up on having a clean house years ago… for me it was 3 years ago. June 14, 2008 to be exact. And no that is not Adelynn’s birthday. 😛

7. You know how to take a shower in 3 minutes, and that includes shaving your legs!

8. You worry about being home at a decent hour, because you know your child will still get up at the same time in the morning, even though you stayed out late.

9. You don’t even flinch when you get baby poop on your hands… okay, but only a little

10. All the tagged photos of you on Facebook are actually photos of your child and you don’t mind a bit.

11. (From my friend Alisha) The finger paintings your child makes for you are on the hard wood floor and are made of spit-up.

12. You know your kid has got to be the funniest kid there ever was

13. You apologize to another mom for something your child did to hers

14. For all the stain remover you buy, you could be Shout®’s spokesperson.

15. Your whole heart melts from a hug/ wet kiss from your child


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  1. I got one of the sticky kisses from her sucker on Thursday. And I must say this honorary aunt didn’t mind a bit. 🙂 Love you and Adelynn both. Oh and perhaps the cousin.

  2. lovely 🙂


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