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For the last couple of weeks at church we have been talking about REST. Tonight we gathered with the praise team over dinner and games. We had lots of laughs, good conversation, nice company and great weather. It was a much needed and wonderful time together. It was fun to be able to REST together on our Sabbath. My blog is pretty restful for me, so I am updating it today with my Mommy-isms from the week.


You Know You’re A  Mom When…

1. You can no longer watch your favorite shows when they actually come on television. Thank you DVR!

2. You sometimes regret teaching your child to share. She stuffs you full of goldfish crackers or your drink, and shares it all with the cats.

3. When you look at pictures you can vaguely remember when you had a stomach that didn’t sag to the floor or hips that didn’t serve as a baby saddle.

4. You get excited when you shower before noon.

5. You know you can’t spend your entire paycheck on a pair of shoes and live off of Ramen noodles the rest of the month anymore, but you aren’t too bummed about it because you’re barefoot most of the time anyway.

6. You put away your child’s clothes that no longer fit and you cry while doing it.

7. You let your child brush your teeth first so then you can brush hers

8. You have experienced digging pet food out of full toddler cheeks

9. You think you’re the only parent who has a child physically able to be in 12 places at once.

10. You used to pondering the deep secrets of the universe. Now you find yourself wondering such things as: If Bert and Ernie aren’t related but share a room, are they living on their own? Where are their parents? How old are they??

11. Your meals have drastically changed. Now you often eat standing up, drink leftover milk with graham cracker crumbs floating in it and eat the crusts your child doesn’t want.

12. You live in sweat pants.

13. You find a baby book in your Tupperware drawer, and you’re not surprised.

14. You live on multi-tasking; you can feed your child, talk on the phone, fold laundry and watch tv all at the same time. And, you’re good at it all.

15. You can see your heart walking around OUTSIDE your body!

Everyone have a safe and happy holiday weekend!!


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  1. #4 is sooo true for me too! i LOVE #7!! hilarious and adorable! I could see me doing this some day 🙂 I too have noticed that eat standing quite often… love 15 🙂

  2. Cassi! I need some accountability. I want to start going to church again and I am afraid I’ll need a little push and a reminder! If you could help that would be great. 😀

    • I would be more than happy to help you with that. Did you listen to the last couple of sermons? They are really good. I have been missing you the last month or so, but didn’t want to be pushy 🙂 So now that I have permission… I will help you out! See you tomorrow… then Thursday… then Sunday 😀

  3. Lovely!!!


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