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I love a good deal. In fact, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. But I feel like I love them more than most people 🙂 When we do our shopping, the process is pretty simple. I look at the deals for the week, I make my list according to those deals, I print out more coupons than anyone I know, and we go to the store! I wouldn’t call myself an “extreme couponer” by any means, but I sure feel good when I watch my total go down about 30-35% at the register.

I subscribe to a few coupon blogs and I thought I would share them below. If there are any I have missed that you love, let me know!!

What are your best tips on saving deals? I would love to hear other strategies!

Happy couponing!


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  1. I looooove coupons too!!! We save at least $20 that way, not great, but money back in our pocket none the less. I am currently doing the whole buy only what is on sale and you have a coupon that doubles dealio through a couponing website. Its a 4 week free trial run, so I plan to post my failure or success at this method verses my once a month, Go Big Go Home deal we’ve done for 10 years now.

  2. Kim (Kimpler) Hill

    Cassi- I coupon too! I love the thrill of saving the 30-35% Its the only shopping addiction I can actually indulge in!

    My fave site is, If you haven’t checked it out yet do! I have seen the extreme couponing shows and I just stare in awe (Okay and sometimes disgust -Why I would want five cases of toothpaste, I don’t know.) I use the coupon binder that the KCL recommends. I always feel so nerdy when I go grocery shopping.

    • I agree, Kim! It’s the only shopping addiction I can indulge in also! I have used hip2save. I ended up deleting it from my Google reader and I can’t remember why… I think it had the same deals as another one of my blogs so I just picked one to delete since they were the same.

      I watch those shows too! I am also kind of confused about things like overloading on product. That is just not worth the time/hassle to me. Especially to carry it home and have so much junk in your house. One of each is enough for me.

      You feel nerdy when you grocery shop? Don’t you also teach math?! 🙂 Just kidding.

      Thanks for your tips!

  3. Thanks so much for posting all of that! This will come in handy!

    • So glad you can get some use out of it!!

      One other thing I recently learned is that Aldi’s is not always cheaper than Dillons. That was kind of a shock to me!

      And the Target coupons are pretty much crap compared to deals other stores usually have. Unless you can find something that is just right,

  4. got me started on my Walgreens deals that I do each week! They are under my Walgreens tab on my home page if you are interested.

    (Seriously, the similarities are getting kind of creepy!!) 🙂


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