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Motherhood Mistakes

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As a parent you spend time talking to your spouse about your roles as parents, discipline techniques, and how to do what is best for your child. You talk to other parents about how they handle tantrums, what brand of pacifier they prefer, and potty training tips. You read books or take classes to help you excel in parenting.

You call your mom at 4am because your baby has a 104* fever, even though your mom is 2 hours away, cant to anything for you but worry, and you know she most likely won’t go back to sleep because she feels bad for you and baby. You also know she will say a prayer for you and check in with you the next day. You aspire to be just like your amazing mom someday. (GUILTY!)

I have made my share of mistakes as a Mom. I have made mistakes by taking other Mom’s advice, or by living out what I read in a book. I could give you every piece of parenting advice that I have, and it could have the potential to be wrong for you and your child.

If you have ever made a mistake as a Mom, and you feel guilty about it… or if you are a perfect mom and have never made a mistake and need to come down to reality… here is my humbling list of mistakes I have made over the last 17 months. (True to Cassi-form, it is a list):

1. We went to a track meet about an hour and a half away when Adelynn was about 1 month old. It was a cold meet so she was bundled up in her car seat most of the time. We took her out to change her diaper and laid her back in without buckling her since we were going back to the bleachers. Well… she stayed bundled up just like that all the way home! We got home and realized we never buckled her!

2. I was helping her down the stairs one day when our hands slipped apart. I watched helplessly as she slid down the last 3 stairs on her own.

3. When she was about 7 months old, I was changing her diaper in the rocking chair. Her legs were dangling off the edge while I turned around to get a diaper. Next I heard was a huge THUD and a sudden pain cry. She had kicked her legs hard enough that she flipped herself and landed face-first on the floor. We cried about it together.

4. We were playing outside one day. Adelynn had her favorite basketball. I looked down at my phone for a second and she was running and was almost to our street with a car coming. (Fortunately, the car was paying attention.) I have never run so fast in my life!

5. One night recently I was on my own for bath time. Dave and I usually do it together and have a system worked out. On this particular night, I took Adelynn out of the tub and shut the bathroom door on the way out. I put her jammies on in her room and gave her a bottle. While I was cleaning her room up, she disappeared. I assumed she was playing in the living room. When I went to find her, she had opened the bathroom door (the latch sucks), and climbed in the bathtub, bottle and all! I almost had a heart attack!!

(So I did what every responsible adult would do… got the camera!)

I know in Motherhood I am absolutely not alone. I’ve made my mistakes and that won’t be the end of them. Feel free to share yours with me! Unless you’re perfect, in which case… quit reading and go pay attention to your child 🙂


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  1. Carol Mosier

    You are an amazing Mother Cassi! Mistakes and all!!!!! LOL!

  2. The day I figured out Olivia couldn’t be left sitting on the couch alone anymore…she took a head dive into the coffee table before face-planting on the floor. Oops and ouch!

  3. haha, aw Cassi… ok, one time we were eating with friends at Old Chicago and I was sitting on a booth. I laid Mathias on the booth bench to change his diaper. He was being super cute laying there and talking to me so I just left him like that for a few seconds talking to him. I looked up to hear what our friend was saying for like 2 seconds when Mathias decided to kick his legs. He kicked himself right off the booth and went head first to the floor! Talk about having a heart attack! I was shaking for about 15 minutes from the massive adrenaline rush… I felt like a pretty bad/retarded mom right then, but he was and is fine! 🙂

    • I know what you mean about adrenaline rush! It’s amazing how all of that kicks in. It hurts more when they hurt than when you hurt! Especially if you had something to do with it 🙂

  4. No mommisms from this side just yet, but in honor of all the wonderful moms out there….when I was probably 12ish, I was playing with my younger cousins and I had picked Chris up by 1 leg and 1 arm to swing him around like a plane in the backyard. Needless to say, I misjudged the tree distance slightly and on the 2nd or 3rd go around, rammed Chris, head first directly into the tree trunk. Eeek! Love that you are sharing all these stories!!!

    • Mary I really appreciate your story! Not because you smacked Chris into a tree, (which is kind of funny now that’s is long over with) but because you can relate! Also, remember that time in the foof chair when you almost snapped Adelynn’s neck? I do! (I’m just giving you a hard time, she’s perfectly fine!) 🙂

  5. Hmm let’s see, how about the time I banged newborn Destiny’s head against the door jam as I went through it since I was not used to the jutting out “baby arm” yet. Or the time I left her swaddled on the couch for just a second, to get the phone and she rolled off. Or the time I accidently cut her finger while trying to cut teeny finger nails. Or the time when she was a toddler, that I was brushing her teeth up on the bathroom counter and bent to get the toothpaste cap, next thing we know, she’s forehead first against the tile floor. Here’s a recent one, Pax would NOT stop crying. This is very unusual for him. Out of desperation (back in the church nursing room) I finally take his shoes off…. instant silence. Poor guy had his toes curled inside his shoes. Guess that goes to show whether baby #1 or #4, it happens to us all! 🙂

    • I knew when you had four that your odds of making mistakes quadrupled! I also cut Adelynn’s finger once with the clippers – it was after that we bought baby scissors! You already taught me a lesson though, this morning I put new shoes on Adelynn and she was making a face. So I checked to make sure her toes weren’t curled up! 🙂 Thanks for the tip! It’s good we are all here for each other as fellow Mommas.


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