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On days like this, in a short period of time, I think this is what goes on in Adelynn’s head…

I want this fake flower
I want Mommy to smell it
I don’t want Mommy to smell it
I want to dump the whole bowl of flowers out
I’m bored
I am going to run around the kitchen
I am going to run around the living room
I’m going to scare mom
I want a snack
I want Goldfish
I want to eat them in the kitchen
I don’t want a snack anymore
I want to go to my room
I am going to get a drink
I am going to throw my drink on the floor
I want to build with blocks
I am going to dump out all my blocks
I am bored
I am going to sing a song
I am going to yell
Hey, I am pretty funny!
I am going to read a book
I am done with that book
I am going to read a new book
That book is boring
Where’s Bella?
“Luh luh!”
“Luh luh!”
I want to watch tv
No, I don’t
I am going to talk on my phone
I am going to put my basket over my head
I am hilarious!
I am going to climb on Mommy
She’s going to make me take a nap
Oh that is so not happening
I want her to get me milk
I want her to rock me
I want down
I want a snack
I want Snoopy
I want my plug
I want my milk again
I want my seahorse
She really just laid me down
I DO NOT want to take a nap
Where is she going?
I am going to stand up
I am going to throw my plug on the floor
“Uh oh!”
I am going to wave at Mommy since I got her to come back
I am going to give her my stuff so she will get me out of here
She won’t take it?
She’s laying me down again?
She’s laying me down again!
Oh look, there’s my seahorse and he’s singing
My noisemaker is so peaceful
Oh, my Snoopy is so soft
I think I will lay still for just one minute…


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  1. BAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Sweet sleepy doll baby.

  2. Yes, exactly!!! Too cute! Ade sleeps like that too, it’s her “I accidently fell asleep mid terrorizing” pose.

  3. Carol Mosier

    Yep! That’s exactly what is going on!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  4. Rita Eldridge

    I think you’ve got her figured out! That is so cute!

  5. I love her!!!! And I admire you that you do that everyday! You are a wonderful mother, Cassi.

  6. Hee hee!!! Love – just coming your way from NYC, may it fill your house and overflow with joy!!!


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