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We spent a few hours at the State Fair on Saturday as a family. Dave and I worked over 55 hours together in 6 days time in a friend’s booth. We barely saw each other or Adelynn and it was a hectic week. It was nice to go for fun and see what else was going on besides the inside of the Cottonwood Court!

Here’s a short recap of our short trip to the fair:

No, the terrified pictures of her are not of her on the gondola!! They are of her on the train. She was not a fan, she cried the whole 8 minute ride Sad smile


Yes, that is THE Fried Cookie Dough. I can feel my arteries clogging just by looking at the picture,

It was an overcast day, but the weather was pleasant. We walked from our house. I wish I had more pictures to document the day and to encompass the day through photos, but I was too busy enjoying my husband and daughter and getting them all to myself for a whole day!
DSC_3212DSC_3213It is amazing what family time can do for your soul after a hectic week. It was much needed. If you had a busy day and you’re able, sit down to dinner with your family tonight. It will do wonders for your head and your heart.


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  1. Great pictures and what a fun day!! I totally understand not getting very many pictures, I was planning to take pictures to blog about when we went and ended up getting a total of 35. TOTAL! And when I take pictures I take tons in a row, so this means I had the camera out maybe twice!

    If you walked you must be close to the fair or brave!! We are about 15 blocks from the fair and I’m not sure I would want to walk it in fair traffic (people get crazy around that area and around the college!)

  2. I can’t help but think that Addie will eventually love the fair, but these pictures show a great deal of uncertainty. I agree, being able to sit down as a family at the end of a long day can make all the difference in the world!!!


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