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Obnoxious Toys

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Does your child have toys that get on your last nerve?? I do!

Here are the 5 worst toys that live at my house:

1. Cat piano


It is LOUD and absolutely as evil as it looks.

2. Zoo Toy

Just when you think this thing is done singing…. It’s no-ot!! Then when you think it’s done again… it’s no-ot!

3. Stupid bird book



Possessed book. This thing drove us crazy for a couple of WEEKS! We thought there was this dumb bird living outside of Adelynn’s room. Even when it was dark out, we heard dang thing singing. It would even startle her awake as she was falling asleep! As it turned out, it was our book. Why it was going off? I have no idea. I guess it was in the toy box just right that it was squished. We figured out that the reason we heard it at night was because we were actually hearing it through her baby monitor. Geez. That was a humbling moment for us both.

4. Snail


Seems innocent enough, right? Not when it gets left on and the cats touch it and sings in the middle of the night! It made us think someone walked through the living room and bumped it several times! And see the reflection on it?? Told you that creepy cat was evil!

5. Wooden Puzzles


This seems pleasant enough, doesn’t it? Cute little animals combined with learning opportunity. Sure it is, until you’ve stepped on one of those stupid pieces of wood in the dead of night for the billionth freaking time. That missing piece in the upper left? It is permanently embedded in my right foot.

Tell me about your obnoxious toys!


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  1. BAHAHA! Love this! All obnoxious toys have been banished a couple kids ago, so no stories here. Just sympathy, lots and lots of sympathy!
    Oh by the way, our rule of thumb for Grandma’s/Nana’s gifts? If we deem it to obnoxiously loud, it lives at that particular Grandma’s house…..FOREVER more.
    🙂 Works like a charm!

  2. mamabuckwheat

    We don’t have obnoxious toys, because I too hate them. The only noise making toy we have is a cell phone that says “Hi! It’s Gaby!” when you open it, then various buttons say different things. My 2 yr old son, Mac, sees it and calls ‘her’ Gaaabiiii! My friend gave it to Mac because he was always talking on her phone.

    Friends of ours have that cat piano, they too hate it. The battery started dying in the middle of the night one time, and every few minutes it was saying “meow” “meow”. My friends husband went downstairs in search of it and from her bed upstairs she heard this big smashing/meowing sound of him destroying it.

    THE most obnoxious toy I’ve ever seen to date is a husquvarna mini chainsaw that is almost real life noise level. Finally we were at our friends house with 2 toddlers fighting over it and I was like “CAN’T WE PUT SOME TAPE ON THE SPEAKER ALREADY!?!?!”

  3. Haha!!! I would like to point out the fact that neither Kurtis or I gave you any of those 😉 Just clarifying for future payback purposes!

    • Mary you are a good Aunt. I promise to also be a good Aunt to your kiddos.
      Adelynn loves her stacking cups! Those are a safe and awesome type of kid toy! 5 are in the toy box and 5 are in the bath tub. They are her favorite bath toys! And they aren’t annoying one bit!

  4. Loud and annoying toys live at Grandma and Grandpas. We don’t have a high tolerance level for them around here. Thankfully Ade prefers books and our mail. (Tons of $20 toys laying around, but no she wants to play with paper!)

    That cat piano looks EVIL!! I think I would get rid of it if I were you.

  5. Hahahaha I love this post!!! Those toys do seem obnoxious! 🙂


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