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It’s the little things

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One thing I really like about David is the way his brain works. It’s totally opposite of mine and he’s brilliant, even though he would never say so. My favorite example of this: one time his Grandma was given an outdoor sink for Mother’s Day. Others were working on putting it together and couldn’t quite get it. From where he was sitting, across the way, he could tell how to put it together – just by looking! He walked right over and did it with very little effort. He amazes me.

I think Adelynn thinks a little bit outside the box sometimes too. Sometimes I can see her mind working and it’s just fascinating. One little way I noticed this was the picture that follows:

She got this book at Christmas. We have read it over and over… and finally I noticed that the clock is actually a cat! I had never looked at it so closely before. That would make sense as to why she pointed to it and said “Maow!” You have to admit, if you looked at it, (Quickly! Before the page gets turned) especially on a page full of stuff, you would think it was a clock before thinking it was a cat. Not to Adelynn, she noticed it right away.

It is amazing how we can miss things that matter most because we are so focused on the way we think things are supposed to be. To me, it was supposed to be a clock. To Adelynn it was a cat. I think if I were that mouse and (it looks like he noticed it too) but if he didn’t realize it was actually a clock, if he didn’t look close enough, he could be in some real trouble!

I encourage you to take a step back today and see what is really important. Happy Tuesday!!


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  1. Carol Mosier

    I plan to do something very important today! Can’t wait to see you.

  2. fun! I saw both the cat and clock 🙂 But, you are completely right, it is important to take the time to look at things a little differently and to remember that everyone sees things through different lenses!


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