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I bought some Downy Unstopables. They are awesome in our clothes (especially after working with lots of grease at the fair!) and they are awesome in the diaper pail!!! (We use a dry pail) dump a bunch in there and see how nice it is 🙂 I was afraid when I tried it that it would smell like a lavendar zoo in there instead of just a regular zoo, but it didn’t! The melted all over the bottom of the pail so when I rinsed it out on diaper day, it smelled like fields of lavendar all over again! NEVER thought I would say that my diaper pail smelled good, let alone like a lavendar field!

There’s a tip for your Sunday. Hope it’s a good one!
If you use your Unstopables for something good, let me know what it is!


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  1. Not sure what unstopples are (since we use econuts) but I would be careful that they don’t coat your CDs. Fabric softners have a nasty habit of making CDs water proof… which defeats the point! 🙂

    Love the smell of lavendar though!! That must have been wonderful.

  2. P.S. I can’t use anything with a scent in it or Ade will break out in bumps all over!! So our diaper pail is def. not a field of lavendar 😦

  3. Well they are made by Downy, but they aren’t softener, good lookin out! Thanks!

    That’s too bad about the scent for Ade, 😦 good thing you use cloth diapers!! If you need scent control, maybe baking soda?

    • We use baking soda and rinse in vinegar that and line drying usually takes care of the scent. The diaper pail we have does wonders keeping the scent in though, LOVE it. I don’t think we would be able to live in our house without it due to the stench (especially since I’m bad about waiting 3 full days to wash sometimes, or 4. Yikes.) I might have to big of a stash… hmmm. Anyways, great tip if it doesn’t have a softner in it!! Lavendar is 10000000% better than what it normally smells like.

      • We use a downy ball full of vinegar and baking soda in our wash cycle. What soap to do you use? What pail do you use? We love our Mother Ease pail! (I also wash once the pail is full, no judgement here :))

      • I guess I also didn’t say it, but I put the Unstopables on the bottom of the pail, and the diapers are in a mesh bag, so they don’t actually touch the diapers.

      • We use Thirsties PreWash + Econuts for a hot wash and then I throw in vinegar for the cold rinse. I use the baking soda packets in the diaper pail. We got the Dekor pail (it is suppose to be for disposables, but because of the design it works wonderfully for cloth!) This is the one we have:

        Glad to know I’m not the only one that lets the diapers go to long! 🙂

      • VERY COOL!
        Also, I will be at Tonya’s tonight too! She said you were going around 5, I will be there a little bit before that. See you then!

  4. hmmm… interesting!


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