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The days of warm, sunny, playground play are slowly turning to cool, crisp and breezy ones. There will be no more sweaty, sticky children with dirty toes and wet hair.


Instead, they will turn transform to sweet little tennis shoes, jeans and jacket wearing bundles.


Activities will change as the weather cools. However, the joy will not differ. Instead of pools, there will be leaves. Instead of the sun beating the sweat out of you, it will only make you squint as you pull your jacket snugger.

I am sad to see those summer days gone, but there is nothing like the fall. I’m going to soak up every minute of this fall – the same way I soaked up the Summer – because Adelynn will never have another one like it. What an awesome age to be at right now. She is at such an place of wonder, discovery and curiosity. She’s learning everything so quickly and I love every second as much as she does.

Enough with the mushy. All I really wanted today was to give some ideas to extend those days of Park play. (How did I get on to her development???)

Before the weather gets too cold to even enjoy the outdoors. Here are some things to take along to the park to extend the playground fun:

1. Sand play toys.

2. Chalk for sidewalk drawing

3. Bucket and paint brushes for water painting

4. Ball or hula hoop and jump rope for older kids

5. Egg cartons to collect treasures found

6. Riding toys or toys to push around the concrete

And a list for Mom:

1. Camera

2. Comfy shoes

3. Good coffee

4. Sunglasses

5. Picnic lunch

6. Good friends

I know the weather is getting cooler, but don’t forget to take cups of water!
Hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather!


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  1. Great post! Ben has telling me every day that I need to take Mathias outside and play 🙂 So we too have been going to the park and SO enjoying it!

  2. Alisha I wish we lived closer! I think our kids would have fun together!

  3. the park is such a fun place to be!


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