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Since Halloween is over, today is really the beginning of November

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Everyone has memories of Halloweens past. I doubt Adelynn will remember anything of last night, but I sure will! Here is some history and some pictures of our Halloween festivities from last night!

Enjoying the fresh air and the break between kids.

When I was little, I would go to my grandparents/relatives houses to show off my costume and spend Halloween that way. My brother and I always had fun dressing up and we were coordinated most of the time. From my memory we were: Ketchup and mustard, plain and peanut M&Ms, Pebbles and Bam Bam, and a mail box and letter. (Any I missed, Mom?) My Dad works with vinyl, so he made some really cool costumes back then!

Reading a book out loud while waiting on more Trick or Treaters.

When I was too old to Trick or Treat, I dressed up one year and went around the neighborhood with my neighbors. After that, I went to a few Halloween parties and dressed up for those, but to this day, my favorite part of it all is not dressing up or eating candy. My favorite part is handing out the candy.

This is what she got this evening. None of it is from us and she didn’t even go “Tee’ing” 

My in-laws get lots of Trick or Treaters. I remember one year in High School, Dave and I spent the evening with them and Pam let me hand out most of the candy. That was SOOO fun!! I love seeing all their little excited faces. I love seeing them get all greedy excited and grab candy by the handful. I love knowing that they are just innocent kids. They have no idea some of the evil that surrounds the holiday, or any of the bad things that happen Halloween night. They are just kids, and what they know is to knock and say “Trick or Treat!”, get some awesome candy, say “Thank you!”, run to the next house, and repeat! We did go to my grandparent’s neighbors houses sometimes when we were little, so I do know the joy in the regular Trick or Treating thing.

We were home this year and I got to hand out candy, and it made my heart smile. It’s a little bittersweet because I know for the next 10-15 years, every Halloween is going to be spent like mine were as a child – not that it’s a bad thing. I am going to be out visiting all the relatives, which is great! It’s wonderful to share the experience with my children, but as soon as my kids are too big to dress up, I will be back to the front door, candy in hand!

My candy basket was pretty empty by the end of the night! (Don’t worry, we kept all the good stuff downstairs for the whole evening.)

Here I go again on my own…DSC_3718DSC_3720DSC_3722DSC_3723

Went down to get the pacifier, once she found it, she brought it back up… in her mouth.DSC_3724DSC_3725DSC_3726DSC_3727DSC_3730

I’m new with the trusting her on the stairs thing. While I was taking pictures, David was sitting in the living room saying “So you’re just letting her go down the stairs by herself while you take pictures? Good parenting.” Yep. I was being the parent who was letting her learn.


Our biggest Trick or Treaters. A paintball player and Link.

Bruce was worn out from all the activity. All he wanted was to sleep in the corner of the living room… and be left alone.DSC_3748

Well we can’t have that happen, now can we?!

After he got some lovin, he went under the futon where he was safe SmileDSC_3756

I will be have more regular life pictures tomorrow! See you then!


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  1. I loved visiting you and playing with your “dancer” daughter last night. She defiantly made my not-so-good day a lot better. And your grown-up trick or treaters are hilarious.

  2. Rita Eldridge

    I can’t think of any other coordinated costumes. You both were always so cute. It was fun coming up with the costume ideas and putting them together. Now it’s your turn to have the fun as a parent!

  3. I really like this post! It’s fun to see you making your own traditions!!! (and doing a few that I remember as a kid too!)


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