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I should probably just make my Mondays “Happy Fall Mondays” or “Hey! Remember that it is Fall! I am Cassi and it is my favorite season – Mondays.”

This year, Adelynn was old enough to make Fall refrigerator art. I got an idea off of Pinterest (that links to my page, follow me if you like!) It was actually an idea for an alternative wedding guest book. I thought it would work pretty well for a toddler!

This was the first time she used paint. She doesn’t really like getting dirty, so I had keep her interested in how pretty her picture was turning out – so she would forget.


Eventually we got through 18 of these, all made for family. I have to say, I got pretty good about being uplifting and changing out blank trees. I can only imagine how funny I looked and sounded. I remember how I felt, I would barely get her started on one, then I would trade it out for another and then have to find room to lay the one we just finished.

“Ooh, Adelynn! Look how pretty that red is!”

“Oh here, let’s put that brown on this tree.”


“Look what a nice job you did with that yellow!”

“Oh honey, we have to paint on the paper.”


“That tree looks like it has plenty of leaves, you can put leaves on this one now.”

“You really like that brown/red combination, don’t you?”


It was a tiny table, full of fall-leaved trees.

It was a tiny table, overflowing with breathtaking autumn beauty.


In this one really let her artsy colors show. She even made the wind blow the leaves. So smart I tell ya.DSC_3695

Happy Fall (again)!!


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  1. We did do this at a wedding we went to. There was three shades of green, and we each put our thumbprint with our name beside it. It was a large framed tree. This is a very cute idea though!

    • I bet it looked awesome when the bride and groom framed that! The greens had to be a very cool combo! I only got married 3 years ago and it’s amazing the ideas that have come out even since then!

  2. Super cute idea! Did you free hand your trees? They rocked! Love the fridge magnet too…..

    • I wish I could say that I drew the trees. But I cheated and googled a tree to use. Thanks about the magnet. We have so many left over! They only took orders in increments of 250. So we have about 125 left over after ordering 500! Our friends all shoved handfuls in their pockets and have several on their refrigerators now 🙂

  3. Loved ours – it is proudly posted on the refrigerator!!!


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