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I am very confused about what season it is right now.  DSC_3385DSC_3394DSC_3405

Remember the days you were outside nearly all day? DSC_3407DSC_3415DSC_3448DSC_3446

And the days you stay wet most of the day, eat outside, get crumbs all over the sidewalk – and not the kitchen floor? The only messes are outside and they were fun messes to make? DSC_3450DSC_3456DSC_3451

Remember the days where you could leave the windows open nearly all day? When you never needed a jacket?DSC_3455DSC_3458DSC_3460DSC_3457


The days of taking the day off to enjoy the weather (and the sweet girls outdoors) are over for a while.

On Tuesday last week, it was 75*. We played and played outside. Adelynn was understandably confused on Wednesday when I told her it was too cold to go out. There was snow on the ground for heaven’s sake! So these pictures are in memory of the beautiful days we will miss until next year.


In the meantime, I will be saying dry indoors, playing with the inside toys, drinking my warm drinks, and loving on the sweetest girl I know. After the fullest, craziest weekend ever… I couldn’t ask for any better R&R. DSC_3567DSC_3568DSC_3575DSC_3571DSC_3577DSC_3579DSC_3559

It’s an impossible thought that one day next summer, I will dig through these pictures, or perhaps even this post itself – and be amazed at how little she is in these pictures. NO WAY. This girl has changed so much since last summer, it’s incomprehensible that she will be any bigger when the next summer rolls around.

Next year, she won’t just be unzipping her jacket and drawing scribbles on the sidewalk. She will be choosing her jacket out of the closet and pretending with the art she draws.DSC_3599DSC_3606
(Aw man, even those shoes will be too small!)DSC_3631DSC_3605

I will miss this summer dearly, but I am always looking forward.DSC_3625DSC_3627


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  1. Your hair is so long!!! I really like it at this length. Please don’t change it. And I will buy that silly girl some awesome winter shoes. Because you know, that’s what all the cool aunts do. Size?

  2. Thanks about the hair and shoes 🙂 She wears a 5. You’re such a good Aunt Ashley 🙂 Seriously, you spoil her so much.


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