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Wordy Wednesday

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I know most Wednesdays on this blog are “Wordless”. This is a popular blog trend and I have jumped on the bandwagon, however, today is different. I posted so many pictures yesterday that it wore me out of picture posting.

I read a blog called 1000 awesome things. Every day he talks about the little things in life that he loves. Here are some examples:

#140 – Pockets

#148 – the core of the cinnamon roll

#214 – eating a taco without anything falling out

#271 – when the music player’s shuffle reads your mind

And here are some of my own from this week:

#1000 – when the apple cider in the back of the fridge turns slushy… giving you an apple cider slush

#999 – staying up way too late at night watching guilty pleasure movies

#998 – when your cat psychically knows your feet are cold, so he lays on them to warm them up

#997 – when your Dad knows you and your daughter are going home to an empty house after dark, so he follows you home, because he will always be your Dad/Grandad and will always take care of you

#996 – when your made up recipe turns out to be one of your favorite foods

#995 – when you and your friend get to the coffee shop at the exact same time

#994 – when you see your child learn something new. Awesome!

#993 – when you make someone else’s day by doing something as simple as making them dinner

#992 – when a show you forgot was airing gets recorded and magically shows up on your DVR

#991 – when you pray with your daughter as you put her to bed and she wants to pray 5 times. “Adelynn, are you done praying?” “No.”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing

What are your awesome thing for this week?

I’m going to try to continue this on Wednesdays until I get through 1000 things!


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  1. LOVE THIS! You are an inspiration to me as a blogger. #997 brought tears to my eyes, soooo sweet!

  2. Carol Mosier

    Ok, I’m home on my lunch hr and now my eyes are red!!!!! 🙂 Beautiful Cassi and of course the first one to bring the tears was about my son. What a wonderful Dad he is and I am so proud of him. And #991 – teaching your child to pray…how special is that?? Love you so much. You are a fabulous mom (and grandaughter).


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