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Crazy Love and Rain

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This is a post from a couple of months back that I never got around to posting… that is why the weather doesn’t match up 🙂


I’ve been reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan with a cousin (also a friend) of mine. It seems like we have had rain every week because I always find myself laying by the front door with only the porch light on while I read my chapter for the week. I feel completely at peace and am able to concentrate easily this way. It’s like God wants me to read His words, so he gives me rain each week to make it possible! Okay, so maybe he doesn’t just give the rain to me… but it feels that way 🙂 In fact, a few weeks ago, at church they got together and prayed for rain, specifically for the farmers in the area. Literally while they were praying, they could see the storm clouds rolling in and they got their much needed rain! Awesome!

Right now I am laying by the front door, but this time I am writing this blog – not sure when I will actually post it. It is amazing all I can see in front of me that God has created. Rain, wind, thunder, lightning, nature and even tiny crickets!

Really, God didn’t create all of these things for me or for us. He created it all for Himself. I am sitting here thinking “Thank You God for watering my grass and washing my car and giving me something to enjoy.” But really, is it my grass? Is it my car? Is He actually watering the Earth for me? No, no and no. He is really taking care of everything He created. It is HIS stuff!! He made it for Himself, and we get to enjoy it while we worship Him. Sometimes, seeing all of creation makes it impossible to not praise Him and that’s how he draws people in. Because He is undeniable. He made so many things that we don’t even know! I will link a video at the bottom because if you’ve never seen it before… you will be blown. away.

But isn’t it awesome that God spent time making caterpillars with 228 separate and distinct (and tiny) muscles in its head alone? That an average Elm tree has 6 million leaves on it? Imagine raking that. Isn’t it cool that your heart generates enough pressure as it pumps blood through your body that it could squirt up to 30 feet? (Don’t try that one) Isn’t it great that coral is so sensitive that it can die if the water varies 2-3 degrees? Who is the one who keeps it the right temperature? Isn’t it awesome that spiders can produce oil on their feet while they make webs that keep them from sticking to it? And that they can produce 60 feet of silk an hour? Not that spiders are fantastic or anything, but that deserves some respect!

Isnt it incredible that this same God chose you and me to be His own? Isn’t it amazing that He gave His Son for people like us? People who don’t water their grass, people who kill the crickets he made, people who complain about getting rained on or kept awake because of the thunder. We forget Him, use him, ignore him, hate him, curse Him and He loves us anyway.

That is what is on my heart tonight. It just started pouring harder; like God is signaling that I can be done now and go back to being in awe of His creation. Hope you have some moments of awe this week. Feel free to share them with me! I’d love to hear it. 
How Great Is Our God – Louie Giglio


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  1. I LOVE “Crazy Love!” Need to reread it (again) soon…in fact, I’m pretty sure I thought the same thing about needing to reread it last time you two came in to Metro to meet and I saw your copy of the book. 🙂

  2. I changed the layout for you. Its a work in process…but for now there is one that you can easily comment with!

  3. Rita Eldridge

    Very thought-provoking. Thanks for sharing this!


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