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Wordy Thursday–Awesome Things

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Yesterday I got excited about a recipe and went ahead and posted it on Wednesday. So I missed the “Wordy Wednesday”. If you are looking for your Thursday Recipe, look at yesterday’s post! If you are looking for a list of Awesome things to make you smile… it is below Smile 

I realized when I decided to do 1000 Awesome Things, that it is going to take me 2 years if I want to do ten each week. My attention span for things like that is not long enough! (Yours probably isn’t either!) So I will be doing more than 10 each week!

Here are awesome things from my week!

990 – when your daughter sleeps through the car to house transfer and a diaper change, 2 days in a row

989 – getting surprises in the mailbox

988 – ice cold Pepsi

987 – Having lunch with Dad on Tuesday, Mom on Wednesday and Grandma on Thursday, all in the same week

986 – Burning a good ol’ fashioned candle. Scentsy is great and all, but sometimes a flame is what you need

985 – decorating the church sanctuary

984 – going to bed early

983 – finding the perfect gift for someone

982 – warm, fuzzy blankets

981– a toddler’s 4 hour nap

980 – play dates

979 – Reeses

978 – finding something you lost

977– cuddling. With your spouse, kid, pet, whoever.

976– cloth diapers

975 – reconnecting with long lost friends

974 – having a husband who will clean up puke, and be puked on and be less grossed out than I am

973 – coffee after the morning of having 4 hours less sleep from a puking little one

972 – Big, comfy couches

971 – having a grandma who comes over to help me clean, entertain my toddler and feed me, all because she loves us and wants to help us out any way she can


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  1. That is so awesome. What a life! 🙂 974 just happened in our house, except I had to be the one who was less grossed out…


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