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Well, folks… I did it. Thanksgiving weekend, I did it. I did a lot of things, actually.

We hosted 21 people in our house for the first time. That was a learning experience! (I didn’t get people pictures, just table shots – mainly so I could remember how we all managed to fit for next year!)

We actually fit! Besides, holidays are meant for being scrunched up with the ones you love!2011-11-24_15-48-48_617

Part of what David and I saw in our house was the ability to host large gatherings. We saw so much, incredible potential in this house. Potential to call it “home”. And potential it has shown! We have had groups of friends over for game nights while successfully letting our daughter sleep upstairs, hosted weekly family dinners in our kitchen and had our small group on both levels of the house simultaneously.

Our house was built as a parish for the church next door (which is now a day care.) It was built for the purpose of holding large groups of people! Perfect Smile Christmas Eve will be held at our house as well! At Thanksgiving we seated/fed 21. At Christmas we will be seating/feeding 33!

Challenge accepted.

Anyway, after a little holiday history, let’s get back to my story.

After that Thanksgiving evening experience, we went to bed about midnight and woke up at 4am.

On purpose.

We then loaded up on a charter bus, in the dark, at 5am, and drove 11 hours to Austin, TX.

Do you think we are crazy yet?

By the way, “we” refers to Dave and me. Adelynn stayed with her grandparents. That was a great decision on our part. Others chose (or – one admitted – defaulted) to take their kids along. That was perfectly fine to have them along, but for us, our best decision was to leave Adelynn with Grammy and Grandad. They all had fun, and Dave and I made a wedding trip into a mini vacation! Win/Win!

After taking an 11 hour bus trip two ways, spending 2 nights away from my precious girl and surviving, it is good to be home. She’s been a little more spoiled since then, but what do you expect when you leave them with their grandparents?

Moving on to Christmas.

Everyone grows up with their own set of traditions at Christmastime. I grew up with them, married into a family who had their own, and I hope Adelynn will someday say that she loved the holiday traditions she grew up with.

Most years, I would love to to put up our Christmas tree and décor the weekend after Thanksgiving. However, this year, since we were in Texas, that did not happen. That is why that is a task was moved to the following weekend. It’s a good thing I also believe that the day does not make the tradition, it is the people, ideas and love behind the event. Remember what I said earlier about moving Christmas Eve to our house this year? My point exactly. My Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law came over to put up lights early in the week before Thanksgiving. Who says you can’t put your lights up before Thanksgiving? (Don’t worry, we didn’t turn them on until after Thanksgiving, but we took advantage while the weather was nice!)

Our 20 month old has a a short attention span. Shocker, I know. So we did our tree in sections throughout the weekend. The cats also seemed to enjoy it.DSC_3950

We made some cider and turned on the Christmas music. DSC_3956DSC_3958

While her attention span held out, she enjoyed putting ornaments on the tree.DSC_3962DSC_3993

And on herself.


Together they played with the decoration containers.


And Bella played under the tree as usual.


We have had a wonderful time since returning home. We look forward to the traditions to come.

Merry Christmas!


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  1. I love traditions…they are so important and will be remembered for a very long time.

  2. I know we will make many more as the years go by.
    Thanks for the cookie recipe!!


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