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End of 2011 Photo Dump

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I have so many unposted pictures from the last year. Here they are. Of course they are mostly of Adelynn. Smile Enjoy!

Such a good kitty.DSC_3382DSC_3508DSC_3507
She climbed up on the table all on her own, she wanted to have chips and guac!
Helping me make dinner.
Helping mop. She’s such a good helper.
Best buddies.
In her bath towel.                                     Emptying her drawers.
Playing with Grandma.DSC_3910DSC_4070
We started getting nervous when we were cleaning up from dinner and she was so quiet. Nothing to worry about!
She loves Adelynn’s tunnel.
Best friends.DSC_4100DSC_3759DSC_4119DSC_4138DSC_4145
All is Calm…
She had an apple in her stocking at Grammy and Grandad’s. She bit right into it as soon as she saw it! (My Mom planned ahead and washed it first!!) She loooves her apples!
Picnic basket from Uncle Kyle
We told her it was a blanket, so she “went to sleep” on it.DSC_4301DSC_4303DSC_4309
We had our Christmas in about 3 sessions. But she did get to open some in her Christmas jammies!DSC_4316DSC_4325DSC_4306DSC_4333
Pajamas, apron and hat!

I know this is two weeks late… but Happy 2012!


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  1. Great Photos!!! Don’t forget to send a few of the great ones toward Aunt Mary and Uncle Kurtis please 🙂 We miss you!!!


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