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Is there a 12 Step program for Pinterest?

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I guess if there is, the first step is admitting it. So I can do that.

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Here are some of my favorite pins. One from each of my boards (Except my bathroom board):

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Fall Favorites: Can you imagine how good these would smell with vanilla candles?

Pinned Image
Parenting & Kids: Shoe organizer as a car caddy. This would help the mess in the back of my car!

Pinned Image
Home: DIY Command Center

Pinned Image
I’m a Foodie: Trail Mix Bar! How fun?!

Pinned Image
Winter Wonderland: I want one of these!

Pinned Image
Family/Marriage/LOVE: Great way to see your vows!

Pinned Image
Projects: I am all about these funky-awesome colors!!

Pinned Image
Organization, Cleaning & OCD: What a great way to store wrapping paper and save space!

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Inspiration & Giggles: I would love a sassy front door mat.

Pinned Image
Style: Tshirt necklaces and scarves

So… if I just admit that I have a problem, do I have to follow through with the 12 Steps?

Yeah, I think that is good enough Smile

Happy pinning!


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  1. I don’t think you are alone Cassie….isn’t admitting it the first step? If so – I’m taking that step with this comment but I REFUSE to go any further. I love my addiction to Pinterest…………………you can’t make me stop! he he

  2. HA!
    Step One: Join Pinterest
    Step Two: Lose hours of your life to pinning
    Step Three: Love it!

    Pinterest is so very wonderfully addicting, but at least for me it comes and goes in spurts.

  3. Ooo! I just started making those scarves last weekend, and am in LOOOOOVE!


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