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Creativity and Chalk

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The other day, it was beautiful outside. I was with Adelynn and we were both coloring with chalk. She was having such a good time making her circles, lines and scribbles. She was making art. She would occasionally write on her clothing, my clothing, or the screen door. When this happened I would have to tell her “Adelynn, we color on the ground, like Mommy. See?” Then she would contently and beautifully make art on the dull, gray concrete. Until her mind wandered again and she would experiment by drawing on something else. I couldn’t help but thinking I was stifling her creativity a bit.

Can you imagine what it is like to have no thoughts in a box? She just sees the world as colors, lights and sounds, all waiting to be explored. In her world, she can color on anything she wants. If she wants to change her shirt from pink to green, that’s an easy fix, she can just color it! If she wants to make circles all over the sidewalk and the house, she would. If she wants to get dirty and stay dirty, there’s nothing wrong with that! Except for the one person standing in her way, her own mom.

I hope instances like this are the only time I ever stand in the way of her greatness. I hope she continues to grow, blossom, believe and continue in her child-like faith. She deserves to have a world without restrictions on creativity. I want her to know that growing up, I am not going to stand in her way. I am only going to encourage her to do what is right.


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  1. Carol Mosier

    I loved her creativity with the game she was playing with all of us yesterday after lunch. She totally made up the whole thing and expected all of us to participate!!!!! When we didn’t she pointed to that person. I can just see her now going to kindergarten and expecting everyone to play exactly as she wants! LOL!!!!!!! What a little leader.

  2. The butt coloring is particularly funny!!! And, I love that you will encourage her to do things that are right, but trying not stifle her!


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