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What keeps you young?

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As I mentioned last week, I still really enjoy coloring with chalk. It brings back good memories of childhood (or maybe teen years) when I do it.
As a 24 year old, I still think Tinkerbell is the cutest thing.
I really like funky mis-matched colors and patterns.
Aladdin is still one of the best movies ever made.
I love hair bows and flower clips.
I really enjoy decorating Adelynn’s room and buying her clothes and toys.
I still like Pop Rocks
When people buy Adelynn stickers, I get almost as excited as she does.
I still think those measuring tape Bubble Gum things are brilliant.
I sometimes get silently sad when Adelynn knocks down the tower I spent so long building.

I know we all have things we do, say or love that keep us young… admit them to me 🙂



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  1. I love all the things on your like list. I also love anything that has to do with Hello Kitty, the color pink, or glitter. Oh and I’m still obsessed with 90’s pop 😀

  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever grown up or ever will for that matter! I’m like you, I get so excited about things most kids would! I jump up and down and clap my hands when I get a new “toy” to play with (ie…new prop, camera equipment or even a new friend)
    Sounds silly I know but it’s so very true. I don’t care who see’s my giddy excitement either.
    The list could go on forever for me because that’s just who I am! 🙂

  3. Kayla Whitley

    For Christmas, we bought tickets to go see Sesame Street Live: Elmo’s Makes Music…and I could NOT be more excited!! lol

  4. -coloring books, buying a new box of crayons(which I do every year).
    -wandering down the toy isle
    -playing with Liv, especially baby dolls
    -re-reading my favorite childhood books
    These are just a few!

  5. *Swimming – when I swim I love to pop in and out of the water as though I were a dolphin or a mermaid. In my head, I’m playing just like I did when I was little.
    *Pulling weeds
    *Eating hot dogs
    *laying back to watch the clouds or the stars
    *eating ice cream at Baskin Robbins


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