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More Mommyisms. Back by popular demand :)

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You Know You’re A Mom When…

  1. You laugh harder than you ever imagined you could. (And you cross your legs when you do it since your bladder’s shot and all.)
  2. It takes you twice as long, but you love that your child wants to help make brownies with you.
  3. You remember getting the brownie beaters to yourself, then after marriage, sharing one with your husband, and now you share with your daughter and you love it.
  4. You think you’re a genius when you figure out ways to outsmart your toddler.
  5. When out in public, you depend on a container of gold fish to calm down your cranky kid.
  6. You look forward to your child’s play dates.
  7. You can recognize that you have your own parenting style, despite advice from family, friends, “experts” and books.
  8. You love Pinterest because you can get all kinds of new ideas about how to make “clean messes”! – – –
  9. You change for bed and a panda sticker falls out of your bra. You have no idea how it got there, but you’re too tired to think about it.
  10. You find yourself explaining to your child why she has to leave her diaper and jammies on at bed time.
  11. It’s exciting to you when you find out you get the HD channel with your daughter’s only favorite show.
  12. You take your child to the park on a random beautiful day in February to let her run off energy, then panic when she’s out of sight for 2 seconds.
  13. You feel like you’re on top of the world when you figure out that you can clean up puke on your own
  14. You’re part ninja because you can catch dripping chocolate from falling on your child’s white shirt.
  15. The memory card on your camera is full of adorable smiles, hilarious situations, and naked baby bottoms.

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  1. You ARE a genius when you figure out how to outsmart a toddler! Own it!

  2. You get a little poop on your jeans when changing a diaper and don’t even bat an eye. 🙂
    And yes, you have to find the parenting style that works for you and your spouse and your child!


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