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Hump Day Mommyisms

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Some smiles for you mid-week!

You know you’re a Mom when…

1. You don’t mind sharing your dessert.

2. The best parties you plan are kid’s birthday parties.

3. You trip over a potty chair during the night… in your own bedroom.

4. You do the whole “Well, I’m cold, so my kid must be cold” thing.

5. Your child knows more about your iPad than you do.

6. You actually believe you’re a better Mom after your cup of morning coffee. (Or whatever your vice might be.)

7. You’re now that person who gets the grocery cart with the car on it. You cringe every time because it’s so stinkin’ hard to maneuver.

8. Adult conversation is such a breath of fresh air to you.

9. You use child’s middle name in addition to their first… and not always so much in an endearing way.

10.Your water has been turned cloudy by sharing with your child, and you drink it anyway. A little backwash never hurt anybody Smile

11. You realize you have developed “the look” that can stop misbehavior in its tracks – and you’re thrilled it works.

12. Baths are no longer just a part of life, but an enjoyable activity.

13. You’re that Mom who gives their child raw cookie dough, and know you should feel guilty, but really don’t.

14. You find yourself giving very specific instruction for things because your creative (not yet old enough to be smart-mouthed) child does things like holding their own hands when you say “Hold hands, please.”

15. The words “wuv ooh” coming out of your child’s mouth are the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard.


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  1. these are always lovely to read – it’s like a little glimpse in to your very happy heart and mommy world!


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