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Nearly Free Entertainment Day 1

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They say you can’t get anything for free. Well, that might be the case, but I do know of some fun entertainment we had this week that was very nearly free. And in some cases, could probably be 100% free!

Large piece of cardboard


Throw in the mix a toddler, or kid at heart (often named Dave) and you have free entertainment for rainy days like these! Slide down to your heart’s content!



We replaced our front screen door with one that locks. (We thought that was a good move.) We cut the box in half that the new door came in. When we use the life out of half the box, we can use the other half. Besides what it cost to pay for the door, it is free entertainment!


Adelynn wants to know, what fun have you had this week?


(Someone, please, stop her from growing up so fast!!)


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  1. If you figure out how to stop them from growing up so fast, clue me in! I just LOVE this, and once again, wish for a staircase turned slide, bus, airplane, mountain to scale….you know, the usual reasons people want staircases! 🙂

  2. I want to come slide! Oh, and if you ever need a large box, let me know. They seem to just appear in our garage on a regular basis. Not too many summers ago, my youngest (12) was making lemonade stands out of them and serving all the bank customers across the street.

    • When we use these slides up, I will check with you about boxes! Thanks 🙂 As we discussed today, lemonade stands are the best!!


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