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Adelynn Turns 2!

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Adelynn will be 2 on Sunday! Hard to believe, I know. Her 2nd birthday will be on Easter, and my first birthday was on Easter. Smile I received a bunny that plays music on my first Easter, just in the last couple of weeks Adelynn has picked up “Bunny” (I called him “Music Bunny”) and has been carrying him around just in time for Easter. He played music until just a couple of years ago!!

We had her Dora Safari birthday party on Saturday. Please make yourself at home as you take a look into the party!


The cake pops were incredibly difficult to make. They didn’t even turn out pretty. Never. Again.
DSC_4557DSC_4558DSC_4559DSC_4560Pam made Adelynn’s “Backpack” birthday cake! It was perfect!DSC_4561
The birthday girl at three days, two years and one year. DSC_4562
Party Favors!

Grandpaparazzi and Dave’s grandparents.
Dave’s Aunt Carol and Grandma.DSC_4596
Pretty birthday girl!DSC_4574DSC_4575DSC_4576DSC_4571DSC_4580DSC_4582DSC_4583DSC_4586
Opening presents with her wings on.DSC_4590DSC_4570
Our friends, Brandon, Michele and Ade.DSC_4591
This bow is probably the most perfectly coordinated one I have ever made. I was thrilled Hobby Lobby had the right ribbon!DSC_4569
My grandparents. Adelynn’s GG, Nana and Pampa.DSC_4592DSC_4593
Asking her Great Grandpa to help her with her new Dora baby doll.DSC_4601DSC_4619DSC_4628DSC_4641DSC_4648DSC_4658DSC_4653
Checking out her Dora table and chairs.
Bella laid on the coffee table and spent the whole party soaking up the attention.
Lots of interest in the cake!
Adelynn’s Grandad playing her “Happy Birthday”. This is important to me because he did this for me every year as I was growing up. First thing in the morning I would walk out of my room and he would play and sing to me.DSC_4689DSC_4693
Blowing on her candles. Sweet Claire was so interested and encouraging to her.DSC_4695DSC_4702
So proud of herself! Claire was also very excited for her accomplishment Smile

Thank you to everyone who came over to celebrate!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!


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  1. Oh Cassie, this is so sweet. You and Dave are such good parents. It sounds like you had great examples. So sweet of your dad to play and sing you & Adelyn Happy Birthday every year.

    Love you guys!

  2. What adorable pictures. It looks liKe a perfect day for all of you.

    Love you much~

  3. Rita Eldridge

    The cake pops were cute — and delicious! Everything was perfect. It was a fun day and Adelynn was precious.


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