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Kiddo Quotes for you Friday

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Kiddo quotes from my life! These make me smile 🙂

The little girl I babysit goes potty.
5 minutes later: “I need to use your bathroom.”
Me: “Do you need any help?”
Her: “Can you leave me alone please?”
The door closes in my face.

Adelynn has the iPad.
Me: “Adelynn, do you have the iPad?”
Adelynn: “Me pad.”

Adelynn shoves a big bite in her mouth and attempts more.
Dave: “You have to keep chewing before you put more in. Chew!”
Adelynn pretends to sneeze “Choo!”
Food spews out.

(This was months ago but it still cracks me up.)
Some friends’ of ours daughter comes into the room, crying. Her mom asks her what is wrong. Through tears she says “I pinched my finger in the cabinet I’m not supposed to get into.”

Adelynn is holding a business card and I’m going to add a number from it to my contacts.
“Adelynn that card has your friend’s Daddy’s number on it. I need it so I can put it in my phone.”
Adelynn attempts to physically slide the card into my phone.

For reference – when her Dad sneezes, Adelynn says “Bless you, Daddy.”
The other day Adelynn sneezed and she said “Bless you, me.” _____________________________

Adelynn is taking food out of the cat bowl and putting it on the floor in front of Bella.
“Adelynn I understand that you want to help feed Bella, but the cat’s food stays in their bowl. Can you please put it back? Oh honey, that’s the water bowl.”
That was not a battle worth fighting!


Happy Weekend!





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  1. Funny stuff. I remember those days!
    This is a wonderful way to keep those memories!

  2. Definitely like these!


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