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Mommyism Monday

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How I knew I was a Mom this week.

1. Your DVR is full of shows… and they’re all your daughter’s.

2. You say things like “Why is the grape jelly jar on the living room floor?”

3. You find the long lost pacifier in the most logical place… your bed of course. (And the sheets have been changed since it went missing, I promise.)

4. Your idea of “late” has drastically changed.

5. You nearly respond to the child at the next restaurant table who says “Mommy?”

6. You find Cheerios in the bottom of your purse… and you’ve not carried Cheerios in your purse.

7. When cleaning the glass on the back door, you discover that what you thought was a regular hand print, is actually made of peanut butter.

8. You recognize that picking up after children is like shoveling while it’s snowing… but you do it anyway.

9. You stop your shower to kiss the owie your child received when she burst in the door of the bathroom.

10. The majority of spots on your shirts are in the shoulder area… and are little finger print sized.

11. You find a tea set in the manger.

12. You wish you could buy milk in bulk.

13. When putting away a magnetic doll next to a toy laptop, your mind actually enters the process of wondering if it’s okay to put a magnet that close to a laptop. (This is also partly the fault of marrying a geek.)

14. Your child gets away from you in the store, everyone watches her run and no one stops her, and as you run in through the store, pushing your cart, and finally abandoning it (purse and all), just to catch her – you still manage to feel like the worst mother ever.

15. You risk taking a sleeping picture of your child and waking them, because you know you might have a grumpy day, but you have that precious picture for a lifetime.


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  1. Rita Eldridge

    I love your honesty and the way you put into simple words things that all parents can identify with! You make us smile! 🙂


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