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Mimicking Manners

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I am going to take this post today to talk about my favorite little girl. This child has manners and I appreciate it so much. I have to take a little credit for this. It really hit me today how much she learns by example. I can sit there all day and say to her “What do you say?” and blankly she will say “tay tdu.” “Adelynn, say ‘excuse me’.” “Q me.” she repeats.

The times that really mean something to me are the times she says thing on her own:
“Q me.”
“Your turn, Mommy.”
“Bless you, Mommy.”
“Tay tou.” (thank you)
“Okay, Mommy.”

I really get tickled when she does these things for other people. The lady at Target handed her a sticker and all on her own she said “Tay tou.”

We were at Home Depot this weekend and a man almost stepped on her. “Oh, excuse me, sweetie.” He said. “Q me.” She responds. He chuckled at her.

Just yesterday we were at Target. She was walking in the middle of the aisle and I put my hand on her shoulder to steer her around two ladies walking by. She looked up at them and sweetly but softly said “Q me.” They missed out by not hearing that one 🙂

She was laying in bed the other night and sneezed. Over the monitor we heard “Bless you, me”. She’s even polite when she’s alone!!

When she gets hiccups (real or fake) or burps, she covers her mouth and says “Q you, me.”

She does things all on her own and I can’t help but think she does it by learning from example. The fact that she is picking up manners on her own is encouraging!! Not to say that we don’t try, but it makes me feel like I turned out to be a decent human being. (Thanks, Mom!!) 🙂

She is repeating everything right now. The mail man didn’t come yesterday to take the outgoing mail. I said out loud “Well, that’s crappy.” She goes “Pap-py?”  Oops! I was talking to Dave about something on Facebook and I said (referring to someone that I don’t know.) “She is not nice!” Adelynn pipes up and says “Noh-nI!”

My Dad sometimes says to me “Do as I say and not as I do.” Which always irritated me, but now I totally get. Over the Summer, a kid ran over my daughter at the park. Adelynn was standing at the bottom of a short slide. Suddenly, a big 8-9 year old boy (not big just because he 8-9, but because he was a big boy) decided to run to the slide and slide down. As he did so, Adelynn stood helpless at the end of the slide, being her sweet, two foot tall, one year old self. I could see what was about to happen, but was unable to stop it. This boy slid down the slide so fast, and came down right on Adelynn, knocking her down like a little bowling pin (if a bowling ball was beach ball size). She fell flat on her back and was wailing out of fear and shock. Had he accidentally run into her and apologized, it wouldn’t have been so bad. But this kid had zero remorse for what he did. He obviously saw her because she was right between his legs. Then he got up and ran off to play!

This is where it is hard to explain the feeling that came over me. I wanted to comfort my child, but I also didn’t want this other boy to get too far before I could have a little chat with him. So I carried my bawling child on my hip and marched over to the evil one. This was Momma Bear. “Hey!” I yelled like I was talking to another adult – because he’s big enough to know better. Then I proceeded to get after him and tell him he needed to be careful and that there are little kids on the playground and he is a big kid. That is when he apologized. That is also when I felt like a complete jerk. Did I really need to get after a kid that is not my own? Didn’t his mother train him better? Who, by the way, I never saw. But good grief.

That whole story was a complete bunny trail. But my point is that is one example of something that I messed up on. That is not something I want her to repeat! I am so thankful that besides saying “Crappy”, and “Noh-nI”, she is only following good examples! I promise to be better in the future, I don’t promise not to quote back to her what my Dad quoted to me. “Do as I say and not as I do.” She will hate it like I did, and probably say it to her own kids.

They sure keep us humble, don’t they?!


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  1. great post!! and i totally agree kids will mimic EVERYTHING i have really had to learn to control my words and actions when i get upset because i see the kids repeat the exact same thing. what a sweetie you have:)

  2. TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Butt and stupid were never “bad words” until I heard them from my precious little ones lips. Then the rules changed! 🙂
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my recent posts!
    Love u! T

  3. It is so precious when she says q me. I love it. And I totally remember that slide experience. I was there for that one. You did the complete right thing and were not a jerk. He was old enough to know better and defiantly needed to be reminded. I know your little girl is not only too sweet to do that but also has you and Dave to teach her how to be a kind and concentious (I can’t spell that) person.

  4. Rita Eldridge

    She is so precious. (Have I said that once or twice before? 🙂 ) Her parents are setting good examples for her. It is amazing how little people pick up on EVERYTHING, isn’t it?


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