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Bathroom Revamp

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When you buy a house, like we did 1 year ago, you make a long list of things you want to improve on. Ours is still quite lengthy, but we have knocked a few items off. One recent upgrade was the front bathroom. I know that someday we will convert the tub to a tub/shower, replace the flooring, change the tile, etc. But for now, a fresh coat of paint did the trick.


Light blue walls with gold sponge paint! Whoo!



photo (21)

photo (24)
(normally I think pictures in a bathroom are awkward… but who doesn’t love little baby bath time pictures?!)photo (25)photo (26)
The hand washing spy
photo (27)photo (28)photo (29)

I prefer a garden theme over gold sponge paint!! Many more projects to come!


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  1. Love it, you did a great job! Hugs to Adelyn and you!

  2. You did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

  3. Cassi! I saw this post while I was in India, but pictures wouldn’t show up on WordPress while I was there…and so I’m seeing the pictures for the first time. Holy cow, this is AWESOME! I love the shower curtain and spied the Pier 1 salt and pepper shakers – and no one would ever know that that’s what they are! 🙂 So cute!


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