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DIY, No Sew, The cutest curtains EVER!

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I saw these here and had to make them!

I have been wanting a valance over the kitchen sink for a long time and never got around to finding one. But this was the answer!!

photo (4)

You’re supposed to make this using scraps you have laying around, but I didn’t really have any that matched. So I went to Hobby Lobby. I have never had more people ask me what I was doing with the fabric I chose. I got 9 bolts of 1/3 yard each. I cut them in approximately 2.5 inch strips and laid them out in order. I got about 5-6 per bolt. The bolts are about 44 inches, which was perfect for my 38 inch window!photo (19)

I had plenty left over, if you’re doing this like I did –going to the store- 7 bolts would be plenty. I also made mine thicker than Jillee. It just depends on the look you want to create!

The curtain rod I had was a tension rod, but any will do. You simply fold your strips in half and loop them through around the rod.

This picture was taken part way through the process. photo (21)

Good luck with your projects this weekend!!photo (3)

UPDATE: I have changed my kitchen colors and stuck with the same plan! Gray, coral and yellow!



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  1. Carol Mosier

    Cute!! I didn’t see these last night.

  2. Love it….got to do this – my kitchen window has been bare for a long long time 🙂
    Thanks Casi!

  3. These remind me of the flip flops that we used to make thinking we were soooo cool!! I believe you should amend your post and add a photo of the flip flops 🙂

    • Maybe that’s why it was such a fun and easy project for me! I had practice when I was 9! I should look around and see if I have any pictures of those anywhere… We were so cool 😉

      • Give us a little more credit…we were 13, not 9

        And we’re still cool. Well I am.

      • Wow you are right, we really were that old since we didn’t know each other at 9.

        And you can insinuate that I’m uncool all you want. I have a daughter who thinks I’m the coolest right now and I’m fully prepared to be the opposite in her eyes for the next 18 years.

  4. Did you hem the edges? And did you just tie the strips to the tension rod? Thanks! Very cute!

    • Hi Patty! I did not hem the edges. But over the last year I haven’t noticed any real fraying. (I just went to look at them closely.) The little bit of fraying there is actually fits in with the feel of the curtains, so I think it works!

      To get them around the tension rod, I folded them in half (length-wise, hamburger) and put the other end through the loop around the rod. I think if you tied them in a knot around the rod, it might make them lay funny because they might get kind of wild and stick out everywhere! 🙂 Hope that helps! Thanks for taking the time to comment and ask away if you have more questions!

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  7. Yes, finally a post for no-sew curtains that really means no sewing required. I actually might do this for my shower curtain.

    • Awesome!!! Keep in mind that they are tied tightly and don’t really move. You could attach them to shower rings though! That would be really neat! If you do you should let me know, I would love to see that!

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