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Oh, Adelynn.

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Last week was my first week without my two bonus kids. It was a long blur with no structure on my part. I had no idea what day it was. I miss them very much and Adelynn asks about her friends every single day! I have some quotes I wrote down that I want to share with you before too much time passes.

Girl I babysit is putting her dolls to bed “Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bad bugs bite.”

She brings me Karo syrup from the pantry. “Here’s your water bottle.”

Singing “And your face is my face and my face is your face, when we all get together…”

She had her annual Doctor appt.
Me: What did the doctor do today?
She thinks.
Me: Did they see how tall you are?
Her: Well, I can’t tell you right now, I will have to tell you later.
She walks off.

Adelynn has been into saying things are big or small. The girl I babysit tells me she wants me to go hide. Adelynn pipes up “Mommy too big hide.” Lol. Thanks hon.

After nap I ask: Adelynn, do you want a snack?
Her: “No.”
That surprises me since she didn’t eat much lunch.
Me: “You don’t?”
Adelynn: “No snack. Sucker.”
Oh, of course!

We are at a restaurant and I’m holding Adelynn. She wants down.
Me: What are you doing to do if I put you down?
Adelynn: Hmm. Run in circles!
Thanks. Your honesty made my decision easy.

Adelynn barters. (She needs practice)
Adelynn, it’s time for nap.
Adelynn: Watch Wubby Wubby. (a show she likes)
Me: Adelynn, we are done watching Wubbzy, it is time to lay down.
Adelynn: Okaayy… (she holds up her fingers) Two Wubby Wubbys.
She napped.


Smile Have a good week!


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