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Have I mentioned before how much I love lists? Oh I have? Oh, several times?

What I am about to do is to give you a list of my favorite things from the internet this week. Now, I warn you, this is only going to encourage bad internet habits. Dave always rolls his eyes at me when he sees my incessant amount of tabs open at one time. I can’t help it! I have Internet ADD. I can read one page for a few minutes, then I have to find something else to do. So here are you next 10 tabs:

1. Marriage Proposal, Airline Style – There’s nothing to see, but start listening at 1:20.
2. Breakfast Nachos – I don’t think they are just for breakfast… will be making these soon.
3. I’ve loved these colors since before they were normal. People always looked at me funny when I said so. Now I am not alone!
4. This is something everyone needs to read. I don’t know why I haven’t shared it before. I am currently reading Kelle’s book entitled Bloom.
5. Organization Inspiration.
6. This would not be for me, but who doesn’t love a Tiny House? I remember one time my Dad saw a tiny house in a nearby town. In thinking about bills, etc, my Dad said “Yeah, we should get one of those.” My Mom quickly asked “What, one for each of us?” I doubled over in laughter.
7. Tin Roof Ice Cream Cake. Yum.
8. Messy Twister. Anyone want to have a game night?
9. Dance with Cinderella. This was the Father/Daughter at our wedding and this guy hits it on the head. Know what’s important.
10. The Busy Trap article making its rounds.

Hope that spices up your Friday the 13th! Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Dance with Cinderella was My father/daughter dance as well!! My dad actually picked it out, love the song! I’m the same way with tabs, drives Brandon batty.

  2. Couldn’t even make it half way through without getting caught up! Thanks for sharing. I really like this list. It’s fun to know what you find interesting.


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