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Mommyism Wednesday

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How I knew I was a Mom this week…

1. Having cloth diaper discussions and using technical terms with your husband is just like any other conversation you would have.

2. You DVR the news so you can keep up in the world.

3. You get ridiculously excited when you get ice cream in the middle of the day.

4. You have to move toys off your husband’s lap so you can cuddle with him.

5. You use a crayon to mark off your grocery list since that’s the most accessible in your purse.

6. You don’t even blink when your child walks into the room butt naked.

7. You get to church, look in the mirror and realize you completely forgot eye makeup. Priorities have changed.

8. You don’t realize how full drawers are until the contents are scattered on the floor.

9. Even though you keep the lid down and the door closed, you’ve still become good at toilet object fishing.

10. Band aids heal everything. An excessive amount are used at your house.

11. On date night, you find a pacifier in your husband’s sports car.

12. You have a bruise on your foot from a toy fire truck that you swear is as loud as the real thing.

13. Your child does her newest trick – her growl voice – for the lady at Cold Stone. You just want to die.

14. You stiff arm the toy rolling toward your coffee cup. Nothing will knock over the morning coffee!

15. You fall a tiny bit more in love with your husband because he can put a bow in a wiggly toddler’s hair.


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  1. my niece went through a growling stage too!


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