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Oh, Adelynn

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Quotes from my life.

From my daughter.

”Daddy big poop in my diaper!”
Dave goes to change her and when he opens her diaper she’s just wet.
”Me just wet! Hehehehehe.”

Adelynn looks shocked and suddenly grabs her diaper.
“Me poop bubbles!”

One night we were getting ready to pray before dinner. She has her hands folded and her eyes closed squinty-tight. Dave says “How would you like to start our prayer tonight?” Her eyes pop open. “Twinkle twinkle!”

Adelynn loses her drum. (Well, her room is dark and she cant see it) Then she loses her shaker egg. (same story but in another room) “Adelynn where’s your egg?” without skipping a beat she says “It’s up in the sky! With my drum!”

Dave gets Adelynn up from nap. “Did you have a good nap? Your hair says so.” She comes to the living room with messy hair – very concerned. “My hair wrong.” So we brushed it and made it “right”.

Adelynn put her hand on Bruce’s side. (He’s our cat) He was purring and she felt the vibration. “Bruce’s tummy growling!”

I didn’t feel good one night and I told Adelynn that my tummy felt yucky. To her, yucky is a synonym for dirty. So on Saturday, Dave got Adelynn up and I was still laying in bed. She came over to me and said “Mommy, your tummy dirty?”

Adelynn looks in my mouth. She examines it very thoroughly, points to the back of my throat and exclaims “Cherry!”

Adelynn brings me a bottle of chocolate syrup (she had never seen it before) “Adelynn, what do you have?” “Hmm…” She sniffs the bottle. “Chocolate!” she declares. Girl has her Momma’s nose!

I say “Adelynn your diaper smells like pee.”
Without skipping a beat she shoots back “Daddy smells like pee.”



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  1. She’s so funny and precious! I love that she’s at an age where everything is so straight forward for her.


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