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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn has a little bottle of milk. She talks into it and it echoes. “Microphone!” she says and cracks herself up.

Dave and I were having a conversation at the dinner table and were done. Adelynn looks at Dave and says “Talk.” “What would you like me to talk about?” he asks. “Me!!” She glows.

The sun was going down while we were outside and I started to put a jacket on Adelynn. “Adelynn, we need to put your jacket on.”
“Why?” She asks.
“Well, because it’s getting cold out.”
“Oh. Why?” (we are in this ‘why’ stage – it’s lovely)
“Because the sun is going down now and that makes it colder outside.”
“Sun’s going down?”
“Sun going down on me?”
I had that song stuck in my head all night. Thanks, Elton and Adelynn.

Adelynn gets Oreos out of the pantry. She starts eating one.
“Adelynn, are you naughty?”
“No, me funny! Hehehehehe.”

“Do you know Jesus Loves Me?”
”Yeah!” She answers, but keeps staring at me because she doesn’t know it’s a song.

Adelynn is rubbing her eyes.
”Is it nap time?”
”Me not tired anymore, me just rubbing my eyes.”


Adelynn toots at the table. She laughs.
“What was that?”
”I don’t know!” She laughs some more.

Adelynn is singing.
”Adelynn, are you happy?”
”No, me no happy now. Me just singing a song.”


We are getting Adelynn ready for bed. She suddenly grabs her mouth “My teeth going to fall out!”
”…what? Your teeth aren’t going to fall out.”
”I need toothpaste so my teeth don’t fall out!”
She was right, we hadn’t brushed her teeth yet, so we did.


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  1. Pam Johnston

    I loved all of these!
    Love, Pam


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