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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn hits her head on the table. “Owie. I hurt my hair.”

Adelynn hears the oven timer go off. She runs into the bedroom and says “Daddy it’s beeping!”
“What’s beeping?” Dave asks.
”My kitchen beeping!”

“You have an owie on your thumb.”
”I do? Where?” (I see nothing.)
She insists there’s an owie. She pulls my thumb up to my own mouth to kiss it better.

Adelynn toots.
“What was that?” She asks.
”You tooted.” I tell her.
”Oh. Toot toot!” She pulls her arm down in the air like a train.

I cut Adelynn’s bangs and she insists on sitting on her knees the whole time. When she’s done, she stands up. She gets a worried look on her face. “My legs not working anymore!” (Her legs were asleep).

Adelynn is holding an American flag. Dave says “Do you know what kind of flag you have?”
”Mine!” she answers.

Adelynn looks up and notices the leaves on the trees.
“Leaves up there, Mommy.”
”Yes, and pretty soon they will be turning different colors. Like red and orange…”
”And orange and blue and pink!”

Adelynn is cheering for her Daddy who is shooting baskets. She’s saying “Go, Daddy, go!”
“Adelynn, what are you doing?”
“Me winning him!”

We get her dressed and her feet are cold.
“Do you want socks? Your feet are cold.” I ask.
”No socks now.”
”Feel them.They’re cold!” I touch them to show her.
”No, Mommy. Your hands are just cold.”

We are talking to each other about the rain washing the bird poop off of Dave’s car.
She pipes up from the back seat. “Me make little poop in my sandbox!” She laughs so hard.
We have no idea what she was talking about.

I’m in our bedroom and expecting my Dad to come over. The front door is open. Adelynn comes running into my room from the living room “Somebody here!”
”Do you know who it is?”
”Granddad here!”
It just made me laugh that she didn’t say that in the first place.

Her seat was in Dave’s car and she tells me to drive it. (His 2005 Mustang is manual – technically I can drive it, it’s just not very smooth.)
”Daddy’s car is kind of tricky. We will let Daddy drive.”
”No, not tricky.” she says
”It’s not tricky?”
”Daddy car fun!”
Oh my…

Have a great week!


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  1. hahaha reading these totally made my day! she is so cute!!! i love this age where they say the funniest I just hope that Alexys doesn’t say the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time…haha


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