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Here’s our life in photos from my phone…

(I apologize in advance for the weird underlining in this post. I can’t get it to go away, but nothing is a link.)

Of course she wants to do her pre-lunch reading in the laundry (69)

Piano is ready for fall!photo (73)photo (70)

She dressed herself. Girl after my own (86)
We had Chinese one night. She wanted to use chopsticks but that wasn’t working very well. So her Dad rigged up an easy-to-use set with a pen cap and a rubberband. I love the way his mind works. It took him two seconds to go to the junk drawer and grab things to make working chopsticks. She decided to reward him by feeding him. (He’s going to love me for that picture…)photo (87)photo (83)
She’s reading her Abigail book to (78)
Making music at the Library’s Story Timephoto (82)photo (77)
Nap time pillow craft. I will have to take another day to show you our living room revamp!photo (85)

She had her first Apple Cider Slush of the Fall… mmm
photo (84)

We have been working on potty training for the past couple of weeks. It has been going surprisingly well! photo (80)
Poor Bruce wanted to sit by me so bad that he laid on the (81)
Photography by Adelynn at (76)
Cleaning apples and pears in preparation to make some juice!photo (79)photo (75)
She looked in the mirror and said “I’m a flower!”


Have a great week! Smile


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  1. love this post! so great 🙂


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