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Things I could blog about… but won’t

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This is my week in blog titles. All that you need to read is the title and you will get a good feel for what’s been going on with us!

1. How to handle the evening when your toddler boycotts her nap.

2. We started dance classes.

3. Tips on dealing with caffeine withdrawal.

4. What to do when your toddler’s memory is better than yours.

5. A how-to guide on how to clean up cat puke (since you might have to do it seven times in one day).

6. How to wait patiently for your iPhone 5.

7. What happens when you don’t sleep good since you were dreaming about Once Upon A Time all night long…

8. Dealing with that awkward pregnancy phase where nothing fits.

9. My Grandma makes me feel special by taking me to a fancy lunch in the middle of the week.

10. How to teach your toddler that sour cream is not a food.

11. Deals on toilet paper! Mine seems to be getting unrolled all over the bathroom floor.

12. We have the greatest photographer ever and I can’t wait to show you our most recent pictures.

13. How to avoid writing a meaningful blog post.

Have a great week!


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