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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn wants to take milk to bed with her. I tell her that she’s too big to take milk to bed. “No me little. My milk little too.”

I am in the bathroom and Adelynn tries to get in. Dave says “Adelynn, we have to wait for Mom to come out.” I hear a dejected voice on the other side of the door “But I want to tickle her.”

Adelynn gets corn stuck in her teeth.
”I have popcorn in my teeth.”
“You do? We can brush your teeth when we get home.”
—*A few minutes later*—
”I got my popcorn out my teeth! See?!” She shows me her finger with her corn on it. “I don’t have to brush my teeth now!”

Adelynn gets new jammies with ballerinas on them. So she says “I’m a ballerina.” and starts dancing around. We go through bedtime routine and it’s time for bed.
Dave says “Adelynn, it’s time for bed.”
“I’m practicing.” she replies.
”Oh, you are practicing?” we ask.
”Ballerinas have to practice.” and she spins around some more.

Dave helps Adelynn put her markers away while she is picking up other things. (She wasn’t really paying attention to him.) He finds a marker without a lid. “Where’s your cap”?” he asks, referring to the marker lid. She says “Right here!” And pulls up the hood on her jacket to show him.


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  1. She’s going to have lots to say to her new sister or brother I’m sure!


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