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We had an 8th grade reunion at our house back in September. It had been 10 years since we were all together! Here’s some great guys having a tea party with Adelynn.

8 members of our class, along with a bonus kid.DSC_3710

Our classes with spouses/significant others, and again, kid.DSC_3714

With GG for Halloween. This is Adelynn’s Mom’s Mom’s Mom.DSC_3719DSC_3725

Relaxing at Great Grandma J’s.DSC_3727DSC_3731

At the Givan’s.DSC_3732

Petting the giraffe at Tanganyika. We had a great time there! DSC_3734

Baby GiraffeDSC_3736DSC_3737

We laughed at this guy…DSC_3740DSC_3741

Looking at the monkeys. DSC_3744DSC_3745DSC_3749DSC_3751DSC_3752

This llama gave her kisses!DSC_3753

Showing this llama her Snoopy.DSC_3754DSC_3758

They were so lazy. They must have known it was the weekend.DSC_3759

I guess it was bright outside SmileDSC_3761

Feeding the lemurs!!!! I was SO EXCITED!!! (I know this picture looks like I didn’t share the lemur food with my daughter, but I assure you, I did.) DSC_3767

These little guys don’t really have manners.DSC_3768DSC_3771

I love how they sit!DSC_3772DSC_3775

We had to revisit the giraffes to feed them this time.DSC_3776DSC_3777DSC_3781DSC_3783

What a great couple of weeks!!


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  1. love catching up with you all on your blog! especially love the quotes and the pics with the animals!!!


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