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Oh, Adelynn

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Adelynn says “Mommy, I going to draw a picture of you.” She draws a picture that kind of resembles a boot. She studies it and says “Oh! That no look like Mommy now.” And she starts over.

“Adelynn what kind of jelly do you want?” – Dave

She reaches into her bowl of gold fish and eats one. “I go fishing!”

We are outside playing on her play set. She says “Daddy build this for me and you helped too and Granddad help too and Grammy play with me! We have tea party! Mommy! I want to have a tea party with you!” I believe we built the play set in May and haven’t talked about it since. Holy cow. Impressive!

She gets her Dora backpack out and puts on the Dora bracelet and talks on the Dora phone. She says “I’m not Adelynn anymore, I’m Dora.” She prances around a little bit and and Dave comes in. She tells him the same thing. Then she hands him the bracelet and phone and says “You not Daddy anymore, you Dora now.”

Same situation on the next day. She’s got all her Dora gear on. “Are you Dora again?” I ask. “Yeah! I am Dora again!” Her bracelet falls off. “Oh! I’m not Dora anymore.”

We are reading a book about a girl who is going to be a big sister. It says that her Mom’s tummy gets bigger and bigger and rounder and rounder. Adelynn points at me “Mommy I be a big sister too. Your tummy get bigger and bigger and around and around!” Then she looks at Dave. “Daddy your tummy get bigger and bigger and around and around too!” And she cracks up. We did too.


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  1. Rita Eldridge

    She cracks me up! I’m impressed, too, that she remembers building the play equipment!

  2. She is the entertainment at your house 🙂

  3. Haha!!! These are some of my favorite posts – she says the darndest things!


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