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Oh, Adelynn

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A couple of random quotes about the baby (whose gender is unknown).

Adelynn: Mommy I have a baby brother in my tummy!

Me: Adelynn, I’m full.
Adelynn: You no have baby in your tummy. You let her out and you eat supper.
Me: You think I can’t eat and have a baby in my tummy at the same time?
Adelynn: Yeah.
Me: Well, there’s room for both. Baby eats what I eat.
Adelynn: No, baby gets all messy.

A baby on tv is crying.
Me: Adelynn, what will you do when the new baby cries?
Adelynn: I go downstairs.

Adelynn looks at Dave’s sandwich.
Adelynn: Daddy you have soap on your sandwich.
Dave: Oh, it’s okay. It’s just mayonnaise.

I can’t find Adelynn’s bow while she’s in her car seat.
Me: Where’s your bow?
Adelynn: I put it back there. (she points to the trunk area)
(I thought I said this under my breath – I didn’t want to open the trunk)
Me: Ugh. You’ve got to be kidding me.
Adelynn: Yeah I just kidding you Mommy.
But she wasn’t.

Adelynn is taking forever to eat because we are talking and she is just listening.
Me: You can eat, I will be quiet.
Adelynn: No, you be talk now.

She’s trying on hats at Target. This one is too big and covers her eyes.
Adelynn: I can’t see Hobby Lobby now!
(that was our next stop)

Adelynn told me she was going to jump out of the foof chair 5 times. She does 3 jumps.
Me: How many more jumps do you have left’?
Adelynn: I have…plenty more!

A UPS truck drives by our house.
Me: Oh, man.
Adelynn: Oh, man.
Me: I was hoping they would have a present for us today.
Adelynn gets sad and puts her head down.
Adelynn: Now I can’t sing Happy Birthday.
Me: Well, the present will come another day. Christmas is coming and we give lots of presents then. That’s when you say Merry Christmas!
Adelynn: Merry Christmas?
Me: Yep!
Adelynn: And I wear my mermaid costume?

Haha. so confusing 🙂


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