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Oh, Adelynn

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I trim Adelynn’s bangs. “Mommy, I can see now!”

She doesn’t want the cats to go downstairs. So she closes the door and then puts some tissue paper in front of it to block it from being opened. Dave and I had to hold back our laughter.

Dave coughs. “Daddy, it’s okay. I just cough a little bit.” (She didn’t)
”Adelynn, you didn’t cough.” Says Dave.
”Oh. I didn’t cough now.”

Feliz Navidad comes on the radio. “Adelynn, can you say Feliz?”
“No, I’m coloring.”

Adelynn takes my blood pressure with her doctor kit. “It’s 25” she announces. I think something is wrong with me.

She is playing with Aunt Carol’s nativity. She turns them all around to face baby Jesus and puts them inside the stable. “Adelynn, what are they doing?” I ask. “Them going to Wichita to see the new baby.” (We just had a new niece a few days earlier!!)

“Mommy, I no want to wear my pants now. Just my tutu. I’m a big girl!”
”You think big girls don’t wear pants? I wear pants.” I say.
“You not a big girl.” She states.
”If I’m not a big girl, what am I?” I wonder.
”You a Mommy!” Oh, of course.

I hurt myself. “Mommy I can kiss it for you!” Adelynn offers.
”You want to kiss it for me?” I repeat.
”Yeah, Mommy! I’m a good kisser!”

She got a new scarf for Christmas. I put it on and buttoned a high button on her coat. “Can you breathe?” I ask. Calm as a cucumber she answers me “No, I can’t breathe right now.”

She got new gloves for Christmas that are too big. Dave is attempting to put them on. I pull out mittens that I know will fit her. “Would you rather wear these?” I ask. “Oh! That’s what I’m talking about!” She exclaims.

She got a new recliner that was just her size from my parents for Christmas. She sits in it while opening her gifts at their house. Then as we pack up to go, we take it with us. My Mom tells her that she gets to take it home. “That’s such a good idea!” She yells.


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  1. ahaha I love all of them, but the “No, I can’t breath right now” was my favorite! 🙂


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