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We woke up to snow on New Year’s Day. Dave and I were in bed and Adelynn came running in. “Mommy! Daddy! It’s morning! The sun is out! It’s snowing!” Her excitement was pretty precious. Of course, we got up and dressed, had breakfast and went out to play.

There wasn’t much snow to speak of last year, so this was really her first year to play in it. It’s amazing to watch things that are brand new in the eyes of a child. Her imagine has been flourishing lately. Add snow in with that, and we had a blast!

The first thing she did was to run out and make a snow angel! And her first snow lesson? She needed mittens after all!DSC_3925DSC_3927DSC_3920

Bella would have loved to join us!… until she stepped in the snow that is.DSC_3922

There’s snow on the ground, but she will wanted to play on her play set!DSC_3933DSC_3935DSC_3937DSC_3928DSC_3947DSC_3945DSC_3960DSC_3952

“What is she making?” you wonder… she said “I’m a whale!” after she jumped into the pile she made… if that answers your question 🙂DSC_4015

Mary and Joseph needed to be brushed off. DSC_3961DSC_3962

Then she helped Daddy shovel the drive.DSC_4012DSC_3994

Of course we had to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate when we were done.

Happy New Year!


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